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HSBC JCL Interview Questions
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What is RESTART? How is it invoked?

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How do you restart a step in JCL?

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how GDGs are concatinated?

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Using DELETE what type of file can you delete? a)SEQUENTIAL FILE B)INDEXED FILE C) D) Some options were there..i cant remember

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in step1 of a jcl,disp=(mod,delete,delete) step02 exec pgm=ccc,cond=(0,le) will step02 be executed? i)never ii)always iii) iv)... i dont remember options

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Which COND paramter will u use to execute the step only if the previous step does not execute

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How to delete AIX ? i) IEBGENER ii) IDCAMS iii) PURGE iv) All of the above

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what will be the error code if duplicate key of VSAM file is found?

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is there any possibilities for sumbitting more than one job in single jcl? if yes...based on which thing they will execute..(priority,class,time,written order..?)

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What is Backward Referencing ?

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How different is the JCL executing a COBOL program? 1) if the program is using VB file as input. 2) if the program is using FB file as input.

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how to run batch program without jcl?

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Ques: How can we code COND parameter in a JCL so that only even steps (or only odd steps) get execute??

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HSBC JCL Interview Questions

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