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HSBC RPG400 Interview Questions
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What is the compilation option that has to he specified while compiling an RPC program which uses a file having date data type field?

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RPG/400 faqs?

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How to create a key field for a logical file inside RPG?

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Can anybody tell me in which scenario we have to use SQLRPG .(Embeded SQL)....?

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Some times While checking MSGW for object / member / record locks ,I have seen it's locked by itself ...? How it happen and what action we need to perform if job is updating / writing a record....?

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1.How to read a subfile in out put mode? 2.what are the keywords used to share same file? 3.using composite key which rpg code used?

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1.Write code to read the records from a file and load an array of size 99? Make sure that you take care of all the error conditions?

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wat is curser?? and its types???

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I have learnt through Net that Debugging a Batch job involves 1. Submit the job with the HOLD (*YES) parameter: SBMJOB HOLD(*YES) or Hold the job queue that before submitting the job by using the HLDJOBQ command. 2. Determine the job name, user, and number of the submitted job by using the WRKSBMJOB command. 3. Type the Start Service Job command on your screen: STRSRVJOB JOB(job name/user/number) 4. Type the Start Debug command on your screen: STRDBG 5. Release the job in the jobq. Type WRKSBMJOB and then put a 6 beside the job to be released and press enter, or, if the job queue was put on hold, release the job queue with the RLSJOBQ command. 6. A display appears when the job is ready to start, saying that you can now begin debugging the job. Press F10 to show the Command Entry display. 7. Now you can start debugging by entering an Add Break Point command: ADDBKP 8.ENDDBG 9.ENDSRVJOB I tried this for RPG/400 Program and up to six steps of the above it's ok,but for me no source is displayed and i typed DSPMODSRC in Command line but still i can't see the sourceif i press F.10 and enter command ADDBKP i don't know how to add break points through it,usually i add break points using F.6 for Interactive job debugs,but since this is batch i don't know sir,Please help me out. I was asked this question in a interview,i know only RPG/400 and i’m asking for debugging of RPG/400 program only sir. or is it only possible to debug BATCH RPG ILE JOB and it is not possible to debug BATCH RPG/400 JOB kindly help me out sir

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What hapens when we use CPYF command to copy a LF? On which PF will it be dependent???

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how can we know running job is batch or intractive ? i need all the possibilites.........plz help me

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without logical file we cannot access the data in physical file.but we specify physical file in the program(ie:- Ffile IF E k disk).how can it be accessed?

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what is commitment control?explain about it?

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How Commitment and Roll back control is used in as400, explain with real time senario ???

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A pgm subroutine calling child subroutine, that child subroutine again calling parent subroutine, u have 1000 lines of code, with out debugging , how can u find that error??? Is there any command to find errors in pgm???

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HSBC RPG400 Interview Questions

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