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HSBC Banking Finance Interview Questions
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What are accounting Principles?

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What is treasury?

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please send me ncfm subject of securities model(basic) module 10 years question paper

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difference between mba in finance and MFC

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Case- XYZ ltd an IT company is not an MNC based in the USA. ABC ltd an IT company is an MNC based in Germany. The Germany company wants takeover the USA company.When the ABC ltd scans XYZ ltd company's financial statements it shows profit (no fraud or infringement was made in accounts of XYZ ltd).But the finance department of ABC ltd says the XYZ ltd financial statements show various losses. Question- Cite four reasons why XYZ ltd shows loss, while it has made profit?

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Do you have any idea about basic banking ?

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what is acounting cycle ?

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what is the objective of taxation in private company?

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What do you understand by KYC & AML?

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HSBC Banking Finance Interview Questions

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