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HSBC SAS Interview Questions
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what is pdv? how it is related to input buffer in sas?

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sas implimented companies in hyderabad

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how do u test a pros sql(works or not) without executing it?

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what is the difference btw proc means and proc univariate?

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What is the difference between a PROC step and a DATA step?

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hi i am nipun can anybody tell me that if a clinical sas programmer write the code and after successfull execution where do they store it. how they submit tables to TL how work is assigned to programmers either both code, log, output to be submitted. can any one tell me the process

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Which is the best training institute for SAS in Delhi. Please reply

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How to write duplicate records into a separate dataset using sort?

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Can you calculate the mean, median and mode of the following data set using data step logic? Don't use any function or procedure. data a; input age @@; datalines; 22 32 32 32 43 23 24 56 45 54 28 29 27 26 25 28 30 20 18 37 36 47 46 56 19 20 ; run; I have calculated the mean which i have posted in the answer section.

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How to read the file names of a text files from a shared drive using SAS?

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if reading an external file to produce an external file, what is the shortcut to write that record without coding every single variable on the record

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How could i automate the code in the scenario:Every month one new data set will be created for that perticular month transaction list.Now i would like to update the data in the source table by appending every month data automatically. jan---set jan; feb---set jan feb; mar---set jan mar;

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How to find out no. of business days in a month using macros.???(excluding weekends and holidays).

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what is the difference between x=substr(name,1,2); and substr(name,1,2)='x';

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HSBC SAS Interview Questions

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