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HSBC Cognos Interview Questions
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How to select multiple values from Type-in prompt? Example - I want to enter into type-in prompt in 'Product name--- Liza' display report data in 'product name is Leza' only OR I want to enter into type-in prompt in 'All', that time display report data in all are report data. How is possible this Scenario using in type-in prompt.

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How to Improve the Performance of the Report? i need this urgently .

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how to solve many -many relations ship in frame work manager?and how to avoid cartigen product in frame work manager?

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how to Explain a complex report at the time of interview ? please post the answer very urgent?

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difference between imprompt and reportnwt1.1

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what are the features in cognos8ui


how can you set the image in the report

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how can you create a project creation


What are the different types of OLAP. Which one is Cognos Powercube?

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Cognos TM1 1. What are the different windows in Turbo Integrator? 2. What is the use of advanced window in Turbo Integrator? 3. What is TM1 Workflow. How do you create a process in that? 4. Where is Portlet used. What are differnt windows in portlet. How can you access TM1 web from portlet? Cognos 8. 1. What is Drill-on? 2.How do you implement row level security in Framework Manager? 3. How do you create tree prompt?

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I have a value prompt in my prompt page.Now if I set the filter to required then I have to select a value from the list and I will get the respective data in the report page.But If I select nothing then I will get the complete data in the report page. I want that if I select nothing from the prompt list then nothing is displayed in my report page. How should I do this?

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HSBC Cognos Interview Questions

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