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HSBC Data Stage Interview Questions
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How to delete the data in dataset?types of deleting the data in dataset?

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we run a job in 4 nodes,i want to run same job on 8 nodes is it possible? job recompling is mandtory?why?

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i/p 1,a,1000 2,b,2000 3,c,3000 i want to get o/p as o/p 1,a,3000 2,b,4000 3,c,5000 how it can be done on using datastage?

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Hi Every one, I have a scenario plz suggest me 1)On daily we r getting some huge files data so all files metadata is same we have to load in to target table how we can load? 2) One column having 10 records at run time we have to send 5th and 6th record to target at run time how we can send? Hi plz help me for above scenarios and If any one is having JobSequence kindly send me one example and the scenario to my mail ID(

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input like 2 7 8 9 5 1 7 3 6 output:2 5 6 how to find out this plz explain?

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what is flow of project?


explain about citrix scheduling tool in datastage


how to run jon in unix back round process what is command use in runing a job?

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what is materialized view used datastage?

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which dim, fact tables used in bank domain

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which unix commands mostly used in datastage

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HSBC Data Stage Interview Questions

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