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HSBC CICS Interview Questions
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Name and explain some common CICS abend codes?

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pf7 and pf8 logic. first wnen i press pf7 first five records has to be displayed .second time when i press pf7 next five records to be displayed. what was the logic. give clear explination.

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How to differenciate the given coding is pseudo conversational? (except EIBCALEN condition)

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I was asked in HSBC interview following questions: 1. A string was given " techincal seminar on cobol language" Interviewer asked me to calculate the number of vowels in this string.

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How do you unload data from DB2 tables into a PS file.write the code and how do you do it? what will be the syntax?

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In a string " SEMINAR" .Replace "A" by 123. will this replacement will happen ot will it give error? If not , den what will be the output?

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HSBC CICS Interview Questions

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