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Why did you leave your current Jobs?

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Why did you leave your current Jobs?..

Answer / guest

I were satiesfied with last Job but unfortunity my process
has been moved from delhi to channai and there was no
option for move because my family does not allow me.

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Why did you leave your current Jobs?..

Answer / siddaraj ainapur

i alway wanted to make a carrier in challenging job, and
present job is not so challeging. where i do not have
boudries for growth.

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Why did you leave your current Jobs?..

Answer / anwar

I am looking for a plateform where i can grow and can
contribute my skill to the growth of the company.I want to
learn from telented people and want to enhance my skills.
Presently i am working in a very small process which only
15 seater process. and here very rare chance to grow.
that's why i am looking for a good company.

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Why did you leave your current Jobs?..

Answer / amitava maity

i am satisfy for my lat job but i always want to join in a
big industry for develop myself

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Why did you leave your current Jobs?..

Answer / naveen kumar

honestly i was not happy from my previous job because i was
unable to see my carrier growth as well as my individual
growth.i heard a lots of good news about your company.i want
to face challenges. and i believe in doing work.for the last
1 year. seariously i have not doing any hard work from my
side...i know where is no challenges there is no growth..

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Why did you leave your current Jobs?..

Answer / nagaraju g

I am looking for better opportunity every human beings
edege for better things in life

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Why did you leave your current Jobs?..

Answer / c ramgopal

i do not leave my present job iam doing well now but i have
to learn more AND i have to work for MNC

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Why did you leave your current Jobs?..

Answer / maheshkumar.e

AS per the My Previous Experience and as well as My
Education Qualification it is also one of the Best position
in this company, to develop the carrer in the same

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Why did you leave your current Jobs?..

Answer / irfan

I were satisfy with my present job ,But mya process
rampdown thats why i leave my job.

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Why did you leave your current Jobs?..

Answer / jagdish darji

I am really THanks the Previous company that they Give me
chance to Enter in the BPO worlds Actally i don't want to
Leave this company but i see from Few month Company having
not much policy and grawth thats why i would like to go
with Brand where i can put my input by using my skills and
my knoledge

Jagdish darji 9028416171

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