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BirlaSoft QTP Interview Questions
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How to find Total no of Text Fields in the Page..Anybody please answer me..Thanks in Advance

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What is the difference between Mandatory and BaseFilter Properies..Anybody please answer me..Thanks in Advance

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Give me Example for Generic Functions in QTP Framework....Anybody please answer me..Thanks in Advance

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I have a 10 lines of qtp script, while executing i got an error at line 7 but i dont want to stop the execution i want to continue the execution up to last line and display the test result window, wts the syntax we use?

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Give me At Least 5 Differences between DOCUMENTATION OBJECT MODEL(DOM)and COMPONENT OBJECT MODEL(COM)? Interviewer said me to WRITE the difference only in points not as you WRITE a paragraph ???? only in points


Can we put more than one action in a single script???? yes or no.....

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Can we record a video in qtp recording??

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BirlaSoft QTP Interview Questions

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