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BirlaSoft QTP Interview Questions
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In 1st screen,if v enter a/c no. in one field, the information of the subscriber will be displayed. The details should be displayed only in screen 3(NOTE:details should not display in screen 2).How can v do using QTP.

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What is the use of Accessibility check point?

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How to Import data from a ".xls" file to Data table during Runtime.

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How to supress warnings from the "Test results page"?

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How we can merge the object repositories?say if we have two or three object repositories then how e can merge them? is there any option in Qtp to merge the object repositories

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what are recovery management techiniques?

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Does QTP provides any tools for parametarization?

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How we can add actions in the test using QTP?

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Do we get any issues if we run the testscript on different browsers? what are the options we need to st in QTP?

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what are the challenges do we face while testing webbased applcations using the automation tool QTP or any?

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what is the difference between action and function

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what is active screen,keyboard view?

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what is recovery manager and recovey scenerio?

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explain all the check point in QTP?

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what is the difference betn QTP 8.0 AND PREVIOUS VERSION


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BirlaSoft QTP Interview Questions

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