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BirlaSoft Informatica Interview Questions
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I have Employee table, 10 cols are connected to next transformation, only 4 cols are selected in SQL override. What would be passed to next col.

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if i have a file having record sal=10000,and when use router with two groups having condition sal>5000 in one group,sal>7000 in other group.and if two groups connected to two which target sal=10000 will go?

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My source table look like ID Name Location Salary 1 ran NULL NULL 1 NULL DELHI NULL 1 NULL NULL 1000 I want my output to look like ID Name Location Salary 1 ran Delhi 1000 What should be my approach to design a informatica mapping. Assuming my source is flat file not a Relation table so i cant use SQL.

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What is diff between connected and unconnected lookup?

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What is diff joiner and lookup

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what is mapping parameter and mapping variables

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if i am having 10 records in source, i want 20 records in will you do it

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without matching columns in two tables. how can you join

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how to call lookup qualifer in unconnected look;up

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BirlaSoft Informatica Interview Questions

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