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BirlaSoft ASP.NET Interview Questions
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Difference between asp and ?

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Can we throw exception from catch block ?

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How do you relate an aspx page with its code behind page ?

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What is web.config. How many web.config files can be allowed to use in an application ?

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What are asynchronous callbacks ?

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How to authenticate users using web.config ?

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Difference between Dataset and DataReader ?

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What is custom tag in web.config ?

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What is stateless asp or ?

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What are Http handler ?

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What is view state and how this can be done and was this there in asp ?

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Difference between Response.Expires and Expires.Absolute ?

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Should sn.exe be used before gacutil.exe ?

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How to write unmanaged code and how to identify whether the code is managed / unmanaged ?

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can we call webservice in Html form?

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BirlaSoft ASP.NET Interview Questions

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