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BirlaSoft Manual Testing Interview Questions
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if i give some thousand tests to execute in 2 days what do u do?

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what is ERP? why inventory comes in ERP?

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what is sequential injection?

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testing is a process or methodology,diff between methodology and process?

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In Testing why We need to Write Testcases compalsarly.

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In Testing What Type of Defects your finding

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what is a horizontal and vertical matrix explain with examples


hi, How would you define the QA and QC?

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how to write the test case for online (credit/debit) payment

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regression, functionaltesting, intergration testing, UAT, re- testing. what is order of testing. which one comes 1st,2nd,3rd. tell order

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What is the difference b/w deliverable and release notes?

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BirlaSoft Manual Testing Interview Questions

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