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Oracle Oracle Apps Technical Interview Questions
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what is meant by Drill Down in Discoverer report? why it will be use?

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P_CONC_REQUEST_ID mandatory in oracle reports to run in oracle applications or not ( I am not talking about running in report builder or D2k ) or not ?

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suppose you want to use a trigger in existing standard apps form and its not available in personalization neither in custom.pll. How you will address the issue ?

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How to pass data into EXECUTE_IMMEDIATE statement in plsql body ?

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How to call oracle database stored procedure from form in form coding ?

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Define multi org structure with example(take any businees).

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difference b/w procedures&functions

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What is the reason for distribution hold. Why invoices will go on distribution variance hold ??

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How to develop XML report without rdf?

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Is PlaceHolderColumn Function or Procedure? Why we don't write any code in that?

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How to migrate .rdf file from dev instance to test instance?

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hi gurus my name is ramesh i was completed orcale apps technical trainning i wnt to put 3+yrs experience is it correct r not ,if any freshers jobs are available in market pls suggest me. my mail id and contact no is 9000342411

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in interface and conversion if 10 records are error out we can't load the records?if >10 we have to insert,if we not insert we need to gernerate error how u can achieve?

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in sql *loder how to skip the middle records ex:from 10th to 20th records i want to skip?

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how to print multi lay outs,muti currency,muti language in xml publisher

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Oracle Oracle Apps Technical Interview Questions

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