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Oracle C Interview Questions
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What is the o/p of the follow pgm? #include main() { char char_arr[5]=”ORACL”; char c=’E’; prinf(“%s\n”,strcat(char_arr,c)); } a:oracle b. oracl c.e d.none

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do u print this format '(((())))'. This brackets is based on user input like 4 or 5 or 6,without using any loop's?

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write a program that prints a pascal triangle based on the user input(like how many stages) in an efficient time and optimized code?

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Go through this linked list concept.While traversing through the singly linked list sometimes the following code snippet "while(head != NULL)" is used and other times "while(head->link != NULL)"is used(Here head is the pointer pointing to the first node,node has two parts data part and link part).What is the difference between head != NULL and Head->link != NULL and in which situation are they used?

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What is the output of the program #include #include void main() {0 int i,j=20; clrscr(); for(i=1;i<3;i++) { printf("%d,",i); continue; printf("%d",j); break; } getch(); }

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I completed my (IT). Actually I want to develop virtual object that which will change software technology in the future. To develop virtual object what course I have to take. can I any professor to help me.


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Oracle C Interview Questions

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