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NTPC Interview Questions
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which mechanism is used to turn the vehicles?

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Respected Sir, Please send me the technical question paper of ONGC of mechanical branch.I m in urgent need of it.

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Name different types of circuit breakers and their voltage ratings?

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What is the rating of HT SUBSTATION and LT SUBSTATION?

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Assume a condition such that two motors of rating 6.6kv,415v are connected to blower,so tell me which motor draw large current give appropriate reason?

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What are eddy current and define rms value?

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Transformer's core is made up of which material and why so?

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Draw the line diagram of diffretial relay connected to transformer?


Name different types of fault and which instrument is used to measures earth,short,open cicuit fault?

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AC current is flowing in a wire in your home how can you measure it(name of the instrument)

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why knee point voltage should be high in Ct for differential protection

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an ice block submurged in the water, if the ice melt level of water

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what is the function of a commutator in a dc generator?

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The amount of thickness of the metal sheet that can be welded by ultrasonic welding is

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how the inductor will work on dc supply?whether it will work or not?

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NTPC Interview Questions

Un-Answered Questions

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stand by earth fault protection (51G) for transformer rating 2000 kVA,Dyn11,33/0.400 V. LV NCT ratio and necessary resistor and metrosil values how to calculate


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What is the difference between store and dumps commands?


Differentiate between response.expires and response.expiresabsolute?


What is the use of extended interval match function()?


What do you mean by parsing?


I am trying to install QTP 9.5 but i am getting error message saying that ("Path is \QuickTest Professional\bin\vb_init.exe") vb_init.exe file is not find. can anybody give me the advise what to do ?


What is the use of gap(snap)gauge


Why Ericsson?


Explain environmental resistance?


What is a decorator function?


What are log filters and what are their purpose?