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NTPC Interview Questions
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High voltage test procedure of in swgr board. why should measure millivolt drop on testing time?


diffuser increases pressure but in turbine pressure is decreasing when steam passing through casing?

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why in america the supply frequency is applied as 60 HZ. but in india we use 50 HZ.

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which type of effect of turbine and generator reverse power protection ?


If mutual flux is 1.2wb & power factor is 0.8 lag , then what is the Useful flux of a transformer?


As there is a two types of rates of depreciation i.e as per Income tax Act & As per Company Law.But, in accounting process which of these rates should be taken ?

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What is the relation between the Peripheral speed(N) , no.of poles(P) and diameter(D) of a cylindrical rotor alternator ?

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What is the difference between pipe and tube?

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why diesel tank is earthed

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what is stiffness factor

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What do you mean by Transformer?

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can u plz send me ntpc placement papers(civil engineering) at


1 horse power equall to how much rpm

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What is the main difference between power transformer and Distribution transformer?

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how can one check wheather a gear and pinion are properly aligned or not for both running and static condition?

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NTPC Interview Questions

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