can u name the different types of motors used in different
types of applications?

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Answer / deepthi

shunt motors used for battery charging..
series motors are used as boosters in many applications like
traction..they must not be started without any they
achieve very high speeds..
compound motors are used for the purpose of arc welding.

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Answer / chaitanya

1-phase induction motors with capacitor in series(as the 1-phase induction type is not self starting capacitor is used) is used for ceiling fans and..........induction motors are also used for lathe machines also...
universal motors are used for mixer grinder....

synchronous motors are used in paper mill(as the paper & textile mills are required to operate at const.speed)

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Answer / jesima

capacitor-start single phase induction motor is used in
ceiling fan

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Answer / vignesh

now a days capacitor start run single phase induction are used

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Answer / boss

synchronous motors are used in paper mill(as the paper & textile mills are required to operate at const.speed)

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Answer / pankaj

Paper mills-seprately excited dc motor(because of accurate speed)
Lift-dc series motor
Elevators-dc cumulatively compound motor
Traction-dc series motor
Constant power application-dc shunt motor
Lathes-squarrel cage Ind. Motor/dc shunt motor
Food processing-ac series motor( universal motor)

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