Human Resources Interview Questions
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Can anyone tell me how can i get benefited if I am an MBA(HR) with LL.B background?Do I have more opportunities than only MBA'S? If so which industry is best for me to utilize my degrees? Where would i get more opportunities?


i will go for f1 visa 3rd time. Can i get visa? i am doing job in finace company, they ask me why are you want to study now(means after gap)? what is the ans of this question?


i want to do MBA from usa, but they dont give me visa .i have been rejected 2 i apply 3rd time.can i get visa?plz tell me


how can i settled as a hr in your company?

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what factors should be kept in mind in selecting HCN?


Please send me the last solved question papers of andhra bank for the post of Officer HR

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I have just completed my MS.c.Computer Science And Technology, but i wanna join as HR in some MNC company. So, i wanna know wat steps shd i take to enter into that field? And i dont have any idea about HR.

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i completed my B.E(CSE) in the year 2006 and i have 2.6 years of recruitment exp both in consultancy and corporate.. now i want to switch to SAP-HR, can anyone let me know, if i do SAP-HR course, can i get job into SAP-HR?? NOTE: I dont have MBA-HR kindly suggest me, ASAP !!!!! Regards Recruiter

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what do u mean by hr & the role of hr ?


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how in interview asking about the general

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How would you describe your management style?

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how would you describe yourself?

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please tell about daily duties and responsibilities for H.R executive

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Actually i m going to open a career launcher franchisee, but for that i need a gud nd skilled faculty , so frm where i got those faklty to run my cnter...

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why u choose MBA hr ofter BSC life science.


Why are the employers not disclosing the results or the defects of the specific candidate soon after Interviewing process? Is There any complication which will arise in mentioning the details or to keep them confidential?


what types of questions are asked by iocl


list the detailed advantages and disadvantages of off the job training


details about managerial effectiveness


2. What do you enjoy about your work place? 3. What is your work ethic? Give an example when your work ethic was challenged and how you dealt with it.


compansation,leaves,salary,labour ligislations iso 2009


i want to do MBA from usa, but they dont give me visa .i have been rejected 2 i apply 3rd time.can i get visa?plz tell me


i have done M.S. in organic chemistry and now i got admission in M.B.A. (human resource management) for usa one sister is in london and another sister is in USA ,i am refused for visa becoz of them ,they said i won't come back after study.


Give some Examples of Motivation? & explain ?


Role of an HR professional in transformational change in a health care industry.


Tell us a situation in which you were required to work under the American with Disabilities Act.


describe different skills required for a manager and pesponsibilities of a professional manager.


Wants to learn about HR Domain any Materials or webinar available ?


What should be my minimum pay? i have done M.B.A in H.R. i am searching for a job in H.R. field, i dont mine doing a job which does not require M.B.A. I wanna know the minimum pay that i must get as an graduate.