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what are the objectives of HR?    1  2571
what is the difference between a head-hunting recruitment and referral recruitment?    2  5364
4. Develop an incentive plan for Chemical Engineer, Plant Manager, and Sales Person. What factors would you consider in developing incentive?    2  6315
Should the job evaluation depend on an appraisal of the job holder’s performance in shipping industries? Give suitable examples    0  4828
2. Explain the four types of appraisal interview and how they affect the way you manage the interview in Textile Industries.    2  13964
1. “A well – thought out orientation program is especially important for employees who have had little or no work experience.” – Comment.    1  7684
All the IT Companies paid more Dividend" If yes,Explain in detail,IF no justify the Answer    0  903
I have completed my fashion technology course and after that i did my MBA,during interviews they used to ask like why i choose MBA after fashion technology.    0  519
How do you make a business plan for a recruitment firm already established with 20+ staff?    0  446
What can you do for the growth of BHEL? bhel   0  782
Please send me Entrance exam sample pappers for management level of Shipping Corporation of india    0  514
Why Do you want to change your Job financial-technologies   6  5482
the present state of recession in the industry-as a human resource manager how are you going to undertake human resource planning at macro level to tide over this crisis? tcs   2  9837
What all the qualities, HR should have, other than the one mentioned below, as all these qualities should be there for any executives includine HR, so specifically which qualities should be there for HR : learning ability, observation, leadership, attitude, loyalty..    3  3845
what to say to get postive openion if an interviewer asks about strength & weeknennes? genpact   0  647
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Un-Answered Questions
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Being the Human resource management how will you formulate an effective HRP Process 499
what is the recruitment process in BPOs? 454
examples of problem solving? 621
Role of an HR professional in transformational change in a health care industry. 429
From a strategic perspective, how can senior management make the best use of human resource function? 693
What is difference between Performance Management and Performance Appraisal? 1204
what control mechanisms might be most appropriate to ensure that action plans match targeted needs ? 455
What are the steps in processing a suspension or termination of an employee? 2605
What are the components of an effective merit pay plan? 1035
how can we communiucate as realistic a picture as possible of a job and of the organization to prospective emplyees? What kins of issues are most crucial to them? 444
how do the benefits of using a CPIS outweigh the disadvantages? 491
Recent trends in Human resource? 471
This Problem May Arise For Most Of The MBA'S That AFter Studing MBA Which Job SHOULD We Have To Apply HR POINT OF VIEW  525
why are you looking for a change with in three months exp in present company? 503
I have 2 yrs exp in hr (recruitment,admn) now i'm working as a crm with some hr exposure? Is this ok ? 457
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