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Whats performance management? how does it applied in the organization and how to improve the existance performance manage? deloitte   2  1468
What type of compesation and rewards available in most of the organisations? and how to improve it? deloitte   0  176
what are the ways to identify talented professionals    1  925
Human resource management in retailing business    0  240
I want to know if I do B Sc and MBA simultaneously whether it will be acceptable by organization (private / public) while I try for job opportunities. Or will they reject saying simultaneous graduation is not acceptable as I have seen organization asking for 12+3+2 years for qualification. I had previously done BA (2 years) then MCA (2 years). Pl. advice.    0  240
why did you choose human resourse rather than marketing?    1  1327
i have done law 5yrs course now pursuing mba in marketing 2nd year now wht would be the answer why i choose marketing as specialization ?if 9in interview ask this question how to defend myself?    0  273
what is the difference between job description and job evaluation.    2  2978
What is job evaluation . How is it related to recruitment , competency mapping compensation & benefit    0  314
The present state of reession in it industry as a human resoures managers how are you going to under take human resoures planing at maecro leval to ove this crisis    0  252
what is the meaning of "gold calar workers"    1  1498
What is the use of MS outlook? adecco   1  1865
what is the 4 major purposrs of manpower management    0  282
what is motivation    3  995
Who is an ideal team worker according to you? gm-general-motors   0  592
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Un-Answered Questions
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As a manager, did you ever fire anyone? If so, what were the reasons and how did you handle it 186
Explain the salary format of different level of employees? 1122
Why u switch your career from BSC ( foods & nutrition) to MBA ( HRM) 221
What are the key issues that should be addressed in the design, conduct and evaluation of training programs? 182
The present state of reession in it industry as a human resoures managers how are you going to under take human resoures planing at maecro leval to ove this crisis 252
what are the areas in respective department where role of HR is applicable/ 208
I have completed my fashion technology course and after that i did my MBA,during interviews they used to ask like why i choose MBA after fashion technology. 224
What is sexual harassment? 323
how do the benefits of using a CPIS outweigh the disadvantages? 236
What is the difference between role and position? 697
Can anyone tell me what is exactly mean by employer mapping in recruitment 572
In present state of recession in the IT industry as a HR Manager how are you going to undertake HR Planning at micro level to tide over this crisis? 1079
Hii friends, i am a fresher, and i am looking a career in recruitment side, i am attending so many interviews, i am very bhoring with self introduction part, where ever go there are asking self intro, i want present to my self in different way. so if you have any ideas about this please share your ideas to my mail id.. 314
In any construction company which training method is more effective on-the-job or off-the-job and why it is more effective? 342
Name five recruitment incentives that can improve our company's competitive recruiting position. 782
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