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what is tmc ,term is used in measureing water, pls tell me 1 tmc = how many litres? ivrcl   8  8824
what is dyn 11    3  1715
what is power factor    5  966
rtd principle?thermocouple principle?    3  2698
why we use condesiate parts before tranmitters?    3  838
wht is loops ? how many loops are there?    2  1886
What is flow ,level, pressure transmitter ?and units?    2  1411
In dcs panel we are using diff type of modules ?what is module ? what is the use of modules ?diff type of module?    0  146
i saw in my company drawing seat cable size as mensioned like this 12p*15 sqmm,12t*1.5sqmm, 9c*1.5sqmm. now what my que is what is mean by p , t , c.    3  1183
what is meaning of phase angle in two phase.    5  1287
why need of ac exietation in alternater.    2  780
Write short note on construction programme for pile foundation.    0  848
In underground cables,we have a grading method called 'capacitance grading'.Why is it called 'capacitance grading' although we do not use any capacitor in it?    1  1734
please tell me how a surge protector work on a DC 48Volt.? please describe briefly.    0  159
what are the types of 3-ph. generator protection    2  907
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Un-Answered Questions
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At 50 Centigrade (Fuel oil) what is its cast? 146
In a single how much maximum current and watts using 143
what is the necessity of under ground cables ?? 175
Please any one can provide latest aptitude test,technical test and interview questions for tata consulting engineering (TCE) i need it asap thanks in advance 127
what mean by analog ,digital,numerical meters and relays? say the example? 109
Explain what is meant by repetition of information and inability to represent information. Explain why each of these properties may indicate a bad relational database design. 543
In EB metering we face problem kva jump even in no load condition.can any one help to control this 131
why we are using in reverse power relay in generator singranizing 200
how we are selecting instuments by differentiating certain instruments in 4 to 20 ma range and certain in 1 to 5 v dc 231
Let an denote the number of bit strings of length n that do not have two consecutive zeroes. Find a recurrence relation for the number of bit strings of length n that do not have two consecutive zeroes. Hence find a4. 764
how much power is required for a 200 watts bulb if 60p/unit is observed? 145
What about electrical Units. discrive in detail 177
i karmveer bharti persuing . plz send me syllabus and name of reference books. for preparation of section eng. 258
salam&hi, i need to know about how can i calculate an enough current for the new building before i submit it to the suppliers 117
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