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What is the basic difference among IPS,UPS,EPS? abb   2  6594
1) what do you mean by rolling margin of steel ? 2)pls. tell the cut length formula of stirrups as per IS codes(take out cut length for a beam of 600*300mm with 40mm cover all sides)? 3)what is the multiplying factor of painting for sand faced plaster? 4)if your footing is of size1.9*1.6m . what quantity of length and width you will excavate means what extra margins you will allow as per IS codes in billing?    0  1578
WE know that for Inductor X=2pifL,In DC f=0,then X=0 so,V=IX=0;But In the DC excitation of rotor of AC generator,DC motor field coil which coils are inductor so why does not applying DC voltage short the rotor coil of AC generator and field coil of motor?If it would then DC source might be damaged but it is not happened. Why does the strand conductor of Electrical power transmission line make twist?    0  1444
Give me the name of type of slabs?    1  2720
why is control bus bi-directional?    0  342
What do you mean by class of CTs and what is the meaning of cl 1.0, cl5P10, cl 10P10 CTs?    3  4128
what do you mean by class PS CT and what are technical details needed for calculating it?    0  318
what happens in the short circuited secondary transformer,if the resistance of the short circuit is increased gradually? iit   0  566
what is callibration?    1  1367
what is need of modulation & de-modulation in communication?    6  2513
what is refractive index?    1  1792
what is function opto-coupler?    1  2032
what happens in the primary side of the transformer if transformer is short circuited first and increasing the resistance of the short circuit gradually? iit   3  3834
Describe the test procedure to determine the vector group mpseb   0  291
Q.1:What protection will be used on HT and LT side of 33/0.4 KV, MVA transformer. Indicate capacities of protective device to be used. Q.2:Which types of back-up protections are used in the power transformers? What do you understand by the term over travel in the relay? Q.3:How star and delta connected winding transformer are provided from earth fault mpseb   0  326
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what is meant by twilight switches 7 where its applicable ? 287
Difference ISDN and Brodband? 304
what are pilot cells 397
what are the advantages and disadvantages of speed control of 3 phase induction motor by varying frequency explain with drawing 450
Is it able to make FMEA for Pencil creation? If yes send the FMEA 1546
what do you mean by junk yard,neo,meo,leo in satellite communications 425
being an electrical engineer why you wanna come into software i have an very good academics what answer i have to give 350
XYZ 360
how an manometer can be used as square root extractor? 2635
explain why core loss of a transformer is almost constant under different load conditions when connected across a constant voltage and constant frequency. 434
Scott connection is used for A 3-phase to 2-phase conversion B to achieve higher effciency C to save copper D to reduce harmonics 550
Is it weather conditions make any problems to the electrical equipments and if yes means is it any precautions needed? 521
What are your future hopes for this job? 321
sir& friends i want the collection of recent quetions asked in interview of top most companies please send me on my email 188
why power factor is important? 2522
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