Engineering Interview Questions
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what is phase voltage and phase current what is line current and line phase


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What are the methods/types of distance protection schemes used in transmission system?

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wat is the meaning of cop of wet suction and dry suction?????

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URGENT.. I want to make a really good project using ADVANCE JAVA Can anyone suggest any great n innovative ideas I have nearly 4 months to make it so it can be big n time consuming... It should be Web Based also... It can use more than one Java Technologies.. Please suggest me something innovative n great.. thanks:

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can you plz send l&t aptitude questions if available its urgent plz plz plz



what is the significance of terminal voltage and phase sequence in the operation of paralleling of two generators?


what is the Analog signal and what is the Digital signal

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PCC Road Min Grade M 30 for VR standard Mahatashtra load 30 KN. what should be thickness of pavement, width 4m what should be length of panel.


why doesnt the back emf hold the speed of unloaded series motor?

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which lime used in white washing

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how many moisture content in well seasoned timber

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where bitumen emulsion is used

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what is the crushing strength of good building stone

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what is the size of moduler bricks

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LET ME KNOW HOW IS CALCULATE RUBBLE WALL .3'00" IN BOTTOM 1' 6" IN TOP HEIGHT 8' 0" AVERAGE. length 200'00". please give correct answer.


pls someone send me sample question papers along with the key.thanks in advance


i am an i.t.i holder in electronics i need those questions and their which have been asked in aircraft company for the post of technician


A 16 pile group, consisting of diameter concrete piles, were cast in situ in a clayey soil whose unconfined compressive strength is 1100 psf. Each pile is 60 ft long and the pile spacing is 2.5 times the pile diameter.The water table is at the ground surface and saturated unit weight of the clay is 118 lb/cu.ft. using a factor of safety 3 and a reduction factor =0.45, compute the allowable capacity of the piles acting as individuals


dg earth connect only in the amf panel or not why


How to check vortex flow meter is in good condition while we do not having calibration setup?


there is an alternator 480 k.w, 400v,50hz, 4-wire running on load having leakage alternator body earthed current 38 A. is it within acceptable limit? if yes then give reference if no then how to bring within specified limit


Can you connect Active Directory to other 3rd-party Directory Services? Name a few options.


What are the key inputs and factors considered to plan the number of SGSN/GGSN if you have to set up a Greenfield network?


what r the precaution for high in atp tempareture,low in atp tempareture


hi friends,im an instrumentation and contol engg student,can u hlp me of suggsting barc written question paper,my id is, cel no.9563591747


what is the meaning of impedance protected in instrument cooling fan


Why it is necessary to isolate fire fighting when you are taking shutdown for lv board.


How to calculate the fuel consumption for 600kva DG genset which connecting with 25%load?


Pls tell me whether we can use EN3A material for shafts of Permanent magnet alternator.What will be the effect of magnetic and nonmagnetic material for shafts on magnetic properties of PM rotor .