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how i can calculte the lenght of a ring dia 27 mm. tata   4  1318
What is the criteria of selecting between Rotary Drum Filter/Centrifuge/Other Equipment? nhpc   1  659
how we can calculate antenna dimension for any em wave??    3  554
proff of ERLANG B formula???    0  197
describe the functioning of parallel adder ? what are the adventages of parallel adder over series adder?    0  294
What softwares are required for desining the role guage of alterain car? mrf   2  855
why we connect digital multimeter in series for dc current measurement and parallel for dc voltage measurement.    2  1799
what use can we make of 3rd harmonic component bhel   4  3512
what are the best institutes in hyd for groups    0  176
why in industries it is specified as .2 to 1 kg/cm2 bhel   1  488
The following equipment are installed ia a plant 1. 110KW Induction motor 4 Nos 2. 30 HP motor 3 Nos 3 15 HP Motor 3 Nos 4 7.5 HP motor 4 Nos what is total load of plant if one of each is stand by. blue-star   3  722
what will be the difference on output when 3phase I.M. is given a delta or star supply?    3  644
sir , what happen if we decrease ( approx 3 inch ) the lenth of shaft in 110KW Induction , three phase motor. actually a 110KW motor is couppled with star couplling to 120TR compressor. When we doing maintenance in compressor it is required to skid the motor backword and resulting dis- alightnment . so we want to change the tyre coupling in place of existing coupling. so it is required to cut off the rotor aprox 3 inch form driving side.    2  348
what is the difference in using the 125% and the 250% factor of safety in calculating circuit breakers capacity for motors,which is more reliable to use the 125% or 250%??    1  404
how a spindle motor works , in detail.............. ingersoll   0  1111
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Un-Answered Questions
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i completed my want to prepare for civils. when new batch classes will start at rc reddy. plz mail me 159
hi can u send me all d technical qus pepar of DRDO?my email id is 259
What is the main differnce between the SCADA and HMI also what is DCS? 245
Explain the different methods used in the choice of rotor slots for reduction of harmonic torques in an induction motor. 107
What is max pressure? 139
Dear Frds, How can i calculate the Steel for RCC Slab, Please provide one Example also, so that i can understand very well. Ex: Area: 1320.0 Sft.(44' X 30') Span: 15'(Default). Column Size: 9"X15"(6 No.s 12mm Rods) Please Provide Calculation Details. Thankyou. Satish 337
what is errection pcbs? 167
what is the importance of signals and systems ? 2361
what is the difference between STAR and DELTA connection and application wise how it can be utilizedd ??? 267
what is the prinsiple of dc motor and construction and working ,application of dc motor. 126
What are LAPD and LAPDm? 164
What is compensation for flow ? Why we use compensation ? What are the factors of different compensation ? We not use then what problems may happen ? 216
what is the use of vcb & isolator in substation? 170
How to choose size of the cable current carrying capacity ... 234
can we copy the software from a transmitter using hht(hart 275) ? 177
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