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explain key exchanges in all security modes WPA,WPA2,TLS?    0  366
What is the weight of a foot square block of bronze.    0  223
difference b/w electronics and electrica ?    3  1152
what is different between static block and public static void main?? hcl   0  305
Can any body explain the operation system of MVWS(May be related to water and fire hydraunt system)? tata   2  1470
how much up to LT Voltage range?    3  1987
purpose of binding wire in RCC. Structually is there any requirements that how to tie the binding wire like cross or single or how many pices combine together to bind the steel. i need structually importance of binding wire.    1  1354
What are SMART insuments?    5  2905
difference btw neutral and ground?    2  1478
what is maxemo work permit procedure    0  236
if outer diameter of pipe is known how to determine the inner diameter of pipe????    3  3937
what is ment by doublefield revolving theory?    2  927
Hot Water System (HWS). Will a 30ma elcb have more nuisance tripping than 100ma elcb cimc   1  1635
why 4 to 20 ma? why cant some other range?    3  3052
how we findout a ignater is faulty or not?    0  266
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Un-Answered Questions
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I am inpecting a 10kVA UPS what tests should i do and should i observe? 504
how to discharge 3 phase power factor correction capacitors 699
What is meant by RVT and NDR ? expansion and details of it 531
i want to know the interview format fot gail, instrumentation. pls answer me in 1455
what does it mean an active front end in vfd plz explain it briefly 35
what is the use of CW(Circulating water ,clarified water,cooling water),auxiliary cooling water(ACW),auxiliary raw cooling water(ARCW)in thermal power plant.plzz explain the different characteristics of these types of water. 1321
What is Curtailing of R/F 481
Why it is a preferable option in parallelextender development ? 392
if the armature current in a dc generator is ac ( sinusoidal ) why doesnt the sjhape af armature mmf a sinusoidal (ni) ? armature mmf in case of a dc machine is triangular. 312
how to test and calculat the head and discharge in borewell compressor 468
Explain how to share outlook calenders and the type of permissions you need to assign? 426
what are types of encoder 239
can we apply Bernoulli theorem for liquid? 23
how does it help for selection of a transformer. 204
what Rx and TX power good RF conditions. 624
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