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Why Nutral CT rating for Earth Fault Protection of Transformer neutral shall be 20% of Full load Current of Transformer    2  1599
Who many reason of ignition fail ?    0  244
What is application/Function of Electro chlorinator in Offshore Oil & gas Platform ?    0  757
What is effect of harmonic current (Draw by VFD) on power system/ electrical Equipments ?    0  272
what is the current rating of both primary and secondary of 500KVA,33KV./4ooV.distribution transformer. century   1  1036
how to calculate interface capelary level transmetar lower S.G.0.54 and uper S.G. 0.26 and h=490 mm    3  2256
ripple factor of half bridge rectifier??? isro   1  2392
formula for figure of merit isro   1  3855
what is mean by compressive strength    3  2452
why neutral and earth should not be connected on 3 phase 440v/50c/s supply at consumer side. where as on 25kv/ac/50c/s railway traction substation neutral and earth will be connected and track at substation. and track will act as neutral and earth. Reasons for this is needed urgently    4  3128
why we need external pull up for port 0 of micro-controller 8051?    2  2270
send previousyear question paper for ongc gt 2011 chemical engineering written exam ongc   0  1500
send me previous year question paper for ongc gt 2011 written exam ongc   0  1403
what is main difference between gsm & cdma horizon-computers   0  418
why we make urea prills , why we do not make crystals of urea, iffco   1  1729
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Un-Answered Questions
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PIU how does work? 434
what is the hearth and arch pressure in furnace? 1562
What are the causes of L.O. high temperature? 294
What is the veriplus for ellips card length formula (major axis 3.4m,minar axis 2.6m spacing 0.2m 188
how to estimate material requirement for an area of house in square feet? 375
Sir, I am Mrunalini studying btech 2nd year in ECE.i want to know the information about to prepare for group2? about coaching centres in hyd.what are the postings in group2? in which year i should take coaching?plz send me the informaion to my mail id. 543
i want to question papers of section engineer post (rrb).please sent my mail id .my id is boobalaraja@ 392
1)How much current can a 3-1/2 core 100 mm wire carry? 2)What are the special cables required for explosion proof wiring? 3)In case you do not have coal and salt for earthing, how can you achieve good temporary earthing? 4)One horse power single phase motor is more likely to get hot than a one horse power 3 phase motor. Is it true or false, if true why? 5)What are the different types of soft starters for large motors?please explain? 2093
Please any one can provide latest aptitude test,technical test and interview questions for tata consulting engineering (TCE) i need it asap thanks in advance 309
Installation resistance for whole installation of 16 kva & 25 KVA DTRA a) Between each conductor b) between conductor to earth c) installation resistance for each apparatus, each conductor to earth d) earth resistance for the system of earthing 263
what do you believe you can contribute to the company? 98
how is working bearing heater? 445
where can i get vijaya electricals limited in hyderabad interview auestions can u give me the website address plz 291
pls provide me a placement paper for HPCL exam for Elecronics & communication exam. this is a request pls do the needful as early as possible. 300
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