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how shall you calculate PLF on the basis of percentage auxillary load factor    4  1166
How do you find the difference between 53&43 grade cement in site?    6  1524
How the line trap works in substation...?    2  714
Construction of ac motor?    1  185
i want to do oracle certification..could any one pleas tell me what is the level 1 certification exam in oracle? how do we get dumps? tcs   0  187
we have an energy meter in a capacitor bank panel, So should we consider it's readings as energy consumption on daily basis. (when capacitor bank doesn't have any energy losses) honda   0  151
in i c engine why use two stage charge air cooler    2  675
If oil and air can withstand a high MeV when used as an insulator in a transformer, what are the values of how high for each material?    0  109
what is the difference between line & phase current in star delta connection motor?    2  506
how many poles we use in high power generation    1  308
75kw drive operated motor current fluctuation from(85-130)ampere.current setting in drive is 130amp.sometimes motor trip when current limit cross 130amps.I change the drive. still current fluctuate between 80-130amps but in this time motor not trip,current setting in drive is 130amps.where is the problem?    1  387
Can you calibrate, troubleshoot and repair instruments? Which tools do you use for the same? focus   0  560
Distance to be maximum distance we can install instruments from PLC panel? focus   0  715
Can be operate control valve without positioning if yes ? how and why? focus   4  994
What degree do you need to become a biomedical engineer? What isyour average work schedule?    0  326
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Un-Answered Questions
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What is the main difference between deflection and null type instruments? 24
quantity of sand and cement for 10m2 plastering 10mm thick for the ratio of 1:4,1:3and its leabour data 811
plz send me interview questions for POWER GENERATING CORPORATION LIMITED. my mail id is "" 222
why do we have spikes enough to burn electronic boards, when generators are not grounded 133
How do we differentiate oxy & acetylene? 234
hello friends actually friends i took admission in us university i have not given toefl and gre is it possible for me to get visa actually once i gave a toefl test my score is 56 after that i m not taken again...please guys gave me some ideas what i do ..... i have already a i20 of us uni. my interview is on next month 164
How wire size can define in electrical wiring? What is the ratio? 225
What do you do to prevent flare black? 114
what is moisture probe? What are there types? What is there working principle and how they works? guys this is one of technical question I had ask in interview. If you know its answer please let me know. The interviewers were more interested in microwave moisture probe, so if you find its any link please just forward me on my mail Thanks in advance. 139
draw a circuit diagram connecting transformer OLTC- RTCC- VCB-Marshalling Box otherwise Explain in words 3419
Bimetal strip used in overload relay what is that,which types of material used for that & percentage. 245
How digital input and digital output 's are working in dcs 257
what is differentila pilot supervision in the incomer control panel in the power station? 148
how to select the no. of brushes in a lap winding? 127
how can check the resistance of battery contact? 237
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