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name the type of AM used in TV picture transmission and why is it used ? draw the frequency domain spectrum of the TV signal    1  737
why we use ac as a electric appliance in home or daily use? mnc   1  451
i want to know what r the various job in government as well as central government, for mechanical engineers. can any one answer plz    0  176
pls give me presant awerness quistion and answer in my emailid.    0  186
hi i am an CSE engg student and i cleared the PE exam of BEL 2012 both 24/07/012 and 01/08/2012 , so please if someone can help me with PE Interview question or subject or topics which i should cover that help me clear both Interview.PLZ help. my mail id is bel   0  263
For plain cement concrete we want use 20mm aggregate are 40mm mm aggregate    2  849
What is the starting current of a DC Motor?    2  626
Shall I use 40A semiconductor Fuses in 32 A SFU ? Frame size is same. What Happen if Fuses burn on SFU?    0  167
What is the weight of 10mm,20mm,40mm aggregate per cubic metre in kg? alstom   4  6362
( Re: WHAT SHOULD BE THE RATING OF MCCB FOR 415V,3Ph,50KVAR CAPACITOR BANK Answer # 1 The capacitor current would be kvar x 1000 / (415 x sqrt3). This would be 70a approx. The MCCB selected should have *atleast 1.4 times this current i.e. 1.4 x 70= 98. So you should choose at least 100 A mccb.) regarding to this answer,i would like to know why the current have to times 1.4 to get the right amphere for the mccb.hows the formula to get the 1.4??tq    2  720
Management diagram of your project is–––    1  367
Diagonal check is required for a layout work to confirm ––    3  769
57. Calculate the volume of a truck loaded with stone chips whose data are as follows– 5 Top Length - 13-9, 13-10, 13-09 Bottom Length - 13-11, 13-10.5, 13-10 Top width - 8-7.5, 8-8, 8-7 Bottom width - 8-7, 8-8, 8-7.5 Depth - 2-0, 1-11.5, 1-10, 1-11, 1 -10.5, 1-11.75, 1-11 l&t   0  495
resent profession and what would you define as your career objectives    0  172
what is the difference between multiplexing and multiple accessing? polmon   2  525
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Un-Answered Questions
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why oil lift in screw chiller during change of climate. 181
sir i preparing J.E railway pl.send me solved paper.J.E...TELECOM ,SIGNAL, 1029
What is transister define the transister ammiter ,base, colector. 290
if you are in a software company,then why do you want to come in a core company like sail, ntpc(where lots of trouble like tension but you have a good life in a it company) ? 153
In dcs panel we are using diff type of modules ?what is module ? what is the use of modules ?diff type of module? 146
how to conduct dc resistance test for rotor of an alternator and how to measure the rotor dc resistance value theoritically? 220
How Main()is called by opreting system? 168
what is the write prosidure of stringing of 8meter pcc pole. 148
which collection enforces type safety? 447
hi friends i am first time using this site.i came to by some tcs personals that certifications r important for placements.i am financially average i am learning java from books.please tell is it enough if not which certification should i go for 178
what is the procedure involved in preparing mix design of m15 grade as per IS-10262-1982 196
can u send me previous question papers of secction engineer (electronics),chennai rrb. 295
whatis range of marcury filled tempereture gague 180
what is star delta starter? how it works? give its control and power diagram. 160
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