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In 3 phase induction motor even with low Voltage it reaches nearly it's rated speed why? (for example instead of 400V it reaches with 250V)    2  1311
hou do you calculate cubic meter to brass    2  2968
why the AC or DC motor takes high starting current?    2  1587
which motors is used in mixies    3  1211
iffco exam paper previous year & syllabous iffco   2  2150
Are we do it in single transformer with dual primary as 11 KV and 33 KV and constant output as 415 Volts?.    1  823
As load in a transformer increases, mutual flux linkage in core= A increases B decreases C not change D first increase then decrease    2  2271
Resistance of low voltage side of transformer compared to high voltage side is A less B equal C more D depens on design    1  1276
Transfer of electric power from primary to secondary in a transformer takes place A electrically B magnetically C electro-magnetically D conductively    2  1084
Short circuit voltage of a transformer mainly depend on A ohmic resistance of primary B ohmic resistance of secondary C magnitude of leakage flux D cross sectional area of core    1  2717
If we impress a dc voltage of 230 V on an unloaded 230 V, 50 Hz transformer it wi A give high secondary voltage B burn out C give secondary voltage as per K D none of these    1  713
If we impress a dc voltage of 230 V on an unloaded 230 V, 50 Hz transformer it wi A give high secondary voltage B burn out C give secondary voltage as per K D none of these    0  217
what is difference between server 2008R1 and 2008 server R2? nsit   0  332
Material commonly used in making transformer core is A cast iron B mild steel C high silicom steel D high carbon steel    1  1139
Main advantage of auto transformer over two windings transformer is that A it needs no cooling B it uses only one winding C core losses are reduced D it has simple construction    0  237
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how we can produce negative DC voltage ? please explain it .,thank u 419
advantage of motor design on higher power factor . normally motors are designed for .8 power factor. what is advantage of designing at .88 power factor 235
Is it required to do earthing in 2nd shop if earthed armoured cable is laid from 1st shop ? 314
where uses EXe /EXd/Exo/Exn/Exp/Exq/EXia 5027
I am in need of question set of ONGC Electronics & Communication 1197
What is the importance of counter based plan & how is it scheduled? 355
why the electrolyte level in lead acid battery is maintained 2.5 cms above electrodes? 269
any body who gone thru recent iocl interview.INSTRUMENTATION questions. I need. 849
How much costly in percentage wise is sandwich busduct costly than air insulated busduct of any rating? 258
being an electrical engineer why you wanna come into software i have an very good academics what answer i have to give 393
residential buildings,mixing of concrete,structural,construction material,site handling. 647
what is the soft starter principle? how is connection diagram? what is the procedure for checking the connection? 498
What is the nature of duties & responsibilites senior civil engineer ?what is self confident & satisfaction should be a senior civil engineer? 402
Dear all, I'm manikandan I have done by DIPLOMA EEE from 2011 , I have 5 years of experience from Power plant instrumentation field , which one field is give long life & which one field is best ,I confused a lot and also I'm studying AMIE, can I choose which department from Section B examination? pls tell me 10
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