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How to reverse the direction of a DC motor ? By reversing the Armature wires or by reversing the field wires kfc   2  335
What are the symptoms of a bad PG card of a drive (inverter) esp. of Yaskawa Ac Drives (inverters) G7 ?    0  122
Is there any problem about which the drive (inverter) doesn't show/display the alarm and/or fault but instead of this , it doesn't work ? I want to know that could there be any kind of problem in the drive when the drive doesn't display the alarm and/or fault ? siemens   0  99
what is meant by belt in house construction? l&t   2  1080
why does polytropic efficiency of a compressor decrease with increasing flow rate ? ongc   0  362
how to calculate steel for beam of simple home and for heavy buliding ? explain me briefly cccl   1  871
what is steam temperature measuring unit in steam turbine?    2  973
A ray hit a smooth regular surface at an angle of 20 from the normal. Calculate : 1. The angle btw the incident and reflection ray. 2. The angle of deviation.    0  140
why current transformer secondary is short circuited an what will happen if connect very high resistance acrossthe secondary side of current transformer? npcil   0  272
for a 400kv t/m line with 10 ampere current will corona occur? npcil   0  139
List out the points of diesel generator B check?    0  316
What is the absolute temperature    1  922
Why we are using DPT(Differential Pressure Transmitter) in separator instead of level trasmitter?    0  252
what is the difference between mho characteristics and quadrilateral chara in distance protection essar   1  794
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Un-Answered Questions
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which are the criterias needed to select the kind of neutral earthing(solid earthing,resistance earthing,etc.) at various voltage levels in electrical distribution? 224
I have to conduct load test on greting cover, pressure gauge is in kg cm2, how to caluculate load on this greting cover. 170
how to calculate labour strength for work for RCC,brickwork,blockwork,in &out plaster,flooring,dado,door frame & shutter,painting etc for constructing highrise building? 50
during starting of centrifugal pump mechncal seal is required to be vented first 42
what is mcArther pile? 193
why do mostly prefer to generate and distribute electricity in 3 phase..not in 4 phase or 5 phase.?? 41
plz drive the formula d2/162.162 for the calculation of weight of steel bars???? 1515
what would be the minimum flow rate that we can measure on rotameter..? 191
Hi I had missed my mark list (first year-apr2003)how i search in my old mark details in internet and which web site? pl inform me in full details.. 178
sir now i am studying B.Tech final year so now i am eligible for writing group 1 and 2 or not? 128
Trafo ratio is 11kV/6.6kv,Vector group is YND11. What will be the effect if secondary is used for earthed system. 605
why we cant ermove total hard ness of water 155
Meggering minimum acceptable Ohms for insulation resistance. 285
how to calculate earth fault relay current and CBCT ratio 1044
What are new methods /technologies of pothole patching? 122
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