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what is the concept of directional power?    0  99
Which standard describes the tolerance limit for undulation of RCC wall/ after POP surface?    1  592
What is the main three inputs of DCS?    1  1159
08. 4 main points about check list for Shuttering works are––– 4 i) ii) iii) iv) 09. 4 main points about check list for Concreting works are––– 4 i) ii) iii) iv) 10. 4 main points about check list for Plaster works are––– 4 i) ii) iii) iv) 11. 4 main points about check list for Brick works are–– – 4 i) ii) iii) iv) 12. 3 main points about Project delaying factors are––– 3 i) ii) iii) 13. Write down 60-grade M.S. deformed bar specification. 3 14. 3000 psi concrete means: 1 15. 4 main points about methods of wastage control are–– – 4 i) ii) iii) iv) 16. 1 main point about reasons for your honesty is : 1 17. Water cement mixing in hopper less mixture machine is better than hopper mixture machine because: 1 18. 2 main points about your role during roof casting are–––– 2 i) ii) 19. a. The weight of 3333m deform bar of 24.5 mm dia is…… 1 b. The weight of 300 rft plain bar of dia 1 is……. 1 20. The types of slumps are––– 3 i) ii) iii) 21. 4 main points about the causes of cylinder failure are––– 2 i) ii) iii) iv) 22. Detection of a beam & a girder are–––– 2 i) ii) 23. Curing is needed for–––– 1 24. The types of slabs in respect of size & shape are––– 5 In respect of size: i) ii) In respect of Shape i) ii) iii) 25. The types of Column in respect of size & shape are–– – 9 In respect of size: i) ii) In respect of Shape: i) ii) iii) iv) v) vi) vii) 26. 3 field tests & 3 Laboratory tests of bricks are––– 6 Field tests: i) ii) iii) Lab test: i) ii) iii) 27. 2 field tests & 1 Laboratory tests of sand are––– 3 Field tests: i) ii) Lab test: i) 28. 1 field tests & 1 Laboratory tests of M.S rod are––– 2 Field tests: i) Lab test: i) 29. a. The % of water absorbs by brick chips: …………… 1 b. The % of water absorbs by Stone chips: …………… 1 30. In respect of design: 5 a. The % of strength gains by concrete in 28 days= b. The % of strength gains by concrete in 14 days= c. The % of strength gains by concrete in 07 days= d. The % of strength gains by concrete in 03 days= e. The % of strength gains by concrete in 28 days without curing =    2  1176
07. 4 main points about check list for rebar works are– ––    1  225
The 4 main factors to start a construction project are––    0  169
04. a. Slenderness ratio…………… 1 b. If the height of a stage is 15-0 & dia. of the prop is 5, the slenderness ratio is….… 1 c. If the height of a stage is 10-0 & dia of prop is 3, the number of bracing will be…… 1    0  125
03. a. The water cement ratio for achieving maximum strength of concrete is…… 1 b. Water/ cement is inversely proportional to-------------- 1 c. Increasing the slump decreases the strength: True / false 1    0  200
02. a. The diagonal of a 9 cube…………… 1 b. Surface area of 9 cube…………… 1 c. Volume of 1-3 cube …………… 1 d. Compressive area of 6 cube …………… 1 e. Top & Bottom face of a Cylinder/Cube is to be proper leveled to deliver the…………………………..…… properly.    0  99
01. a. Diagram of a slump cone…………… 1 b. Size of Slump Cone…………… 1 c. Volume of a slump cone by av. Dia method…………… 1 d. Volume of a slump cone by av. area method…………… 1 e. Volume of a slump cone by frustrum method …………… 1 f. Angles of slump cone …………… 1 g. Slump measured by slump cone due to…………… 1 h. Slump does not measured by cylinder / cube due to …………… 1 i) ii) i. Slump cone is to be filled in……………………..Layers.    0  494
did signal to noise ratio have block diagram    2  394
what is the difference between laminor flow and turbulant flow invensys   2  994
what is the function of 3 way manifold valve in a closed loop system? emerson   1  1616
In the present situation of ban on mining sand from rivers,can we go for formation of earth dam filters viz;Horizantal sand blanket,inclined chimney and filters under rivetment with crushed rock sand of 6mm down size.If so what are the specifications and is there any codal provision for its authentication?    0  102
How to test the quality of Ready Mix M20 concrete (1:1.5:3) before casting at site when lorry arrives? Are there any methods?    0  247
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Plese give us information Service Special Tools for Hydraulic,Trasmission,Main clucth,Rear axle etc for Mahindra Tractor 6030-4WD,Like SST Number,Discription,Price and Dimension or Photograph if u have.Thanks 191
typical loop drawing of a simple feedback control comprising of one transmitter and one control 208
How we calculate the recovery of steam as per coal in a boiler if we know the calorific value of coal? 114
what is the benefit of floating our DC source? if i have two floating DC source of which 1 has a ref voltage of -21VDC and the other of -18VDC. can it be connected in parallel to share a common ref voltage? if not, how do i make both sources to be of common ref voltage? tks 175
how can service sitting be setted for MCCB?Example for sittings IR (CURRENT RATING),IS(CURRENT STARTING)IO (current operating)? 128
What is the purpose of reactor in over head transmission line.Can you any explain it. 136
i need to know abt renault nissan company and the rounds and type of questions asked by today 850
why the neutral point in connnection oscillates? 138
Who name us Engineer & Why? 309
in valve is constructed as per SME B 16.34, then which standard is used for fire testing of valve?. 155
Hello i am appearing for the BHAVINI written exam 2014 for the post of Technical Officer(Mechanical). Can anyone tell me what topics to prepare? 39
Please, give me the simple circuit dig. for "oscillator with variable frequency & upto 6W". I will be very thankful to you. 266
how can i write a program in c of SPARCE MATRIX(data structure)? 268
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