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wat kinds of documents requied during regression testion ? at time regression testing is done? can we do it repeatdly

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how we do system testingf project?


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is it true that sanity and smoke testing done by developer to test the basic functionality whether its working correctly or not before proceeding further testing

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in regression testing we excute only modified build .how we will get to know that this much part not going to effect rest of application.

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eqivalance testing class is made from data and this is made to minimize the test cases and it is black box testing what at which particular time we do this testing i guess while creating test cases we consider this testing .plz if lett me know if i am wrong

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wat will be the sql query to extract only last 3 records from table supose table hving thousands for records

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how can u put synchronization point in qtp,wat is exactly synchroniztion why we use it wat is benifit in qtp

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in qtp we ve datatable look like excel ,if we want to extract data from excel which saved in my documet how can i get that in datatable using vb script

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how many test cases u write in day while testing yr application.and wat z ur role after u finished testing application plz do reply

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is retesting and regression same

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how test cases are written in test direcror directly or u fetch from xls

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what is sychronization point in qtp how u put in yr application when it is put wat is its use how it is useful

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if u find bug is duplicated is it needed to again log it .how do u find bug is duplicated using test director as a tool

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if u login sucessusfully in page and reach the 2nd mailing page where u find u are getting only few mails not all then wat would u say test is pass or fail


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how do u do integration testing supose u ar in hotmail login page 2nd is mailing page how do u do integration testing for this kind


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Question { Wipro, 7354 }

I have given u a application.To automate it what are the
things will u consider?


before starting automation first build stablity needs to be
checked ,no changes should be made repeaTdly Once
automation is started so build stability is
must...automation is considered for regression time

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Question { HCL, 5132 }

What is Environment Requirement?


The req of environment in tesing play importanct role
reason being all application needs differnent env to
run .environment means Different OS/BROWSERS/ETC

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