VB Script Interview Questions
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What are the differences between Visual Basic, VBA and VBScript? When would it be appropriate to use one as opposed to another?


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How can I write HTML text to the window in VB Script?

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How can I get the value of an object property or variable in another frame?

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How can I access an object in another frame?

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How to learn VB Script, Since iam working with QTP. So i need to learn VB script.


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Suppose by navigation I went from 1 st page to 5 page ,so Write a generic script for coming from any page to the 1st page and by executing where the page may be it will come to 1st page


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Which is the default Data types in VBScript?

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give me an ex. of unoverloaded method?


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who you define variables and functions in VB?

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what is visual basic?

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How do you create a recordset object in VBScript?

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What is Querystring collection?


Explain the difference between POST and GET Method.

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Why do we use Option Explicit?

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How do you write an SQL insert statement?


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i am having some basic knowledge in c and VB 6.0. i qtp i want to know how to write the codings. by recording it is generating lot of codings. for example i want to test the text box. senerio is text box should not accept alphabets if it accept alphabets we should return fail status if it get number we should return pass status. how to write coding in vb script please help me


please can you help me to get a code of flames using a visual basic 6


How to write VB script for login module?


what types of bugs will we find out in banking projects for automation testing?


There are 5 web pages.write a script to click the button on 4th web page.


why do u choose to go for testing why cant for devoloping


what is inner join? what is outer join? what is a constraint? tell me about rdbms? tell me about acid properties?


In the Web page we have a table link, if we click on that link all the contents under that link will be sorted (asscending/Descending). Now i want to check in which order the list is ? for that i need to get the data in to some var How can i get that cells data?


How should i Create Email invite with server-side Coding?


I want to run QTP script on Linux server is it possible to do this by connecting Windows to Linux through VPN/Terminal Server and just run the script on Linux server.


who will create the object?


who will create the object?


write a program to display configuration of a local system with the help of vb script.


can anyone tell me the procedure of interview held in applabs


hi Set myobj=Description.Create() myobj("type").value="submit" myobj("name").value="google search" myobj("html tag").value="button" browser("title:=google").page("title:=google").webButton (myobj).Click i was running above code in one weak back it was working fine i got result,again i opened after few days ,again i was trying to run the code it shows run time error in last line of my code ,why ?pls answer my question?