VB Script Interview Questions
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What are the differences between Visual Basic, VBA and VBScript? When would it be appropriate to use one as opposed to another?


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How can I write HTML text to the window in VB Script?

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How can I get the value of an object property or variable in another frame?

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How can I access an object in another frame?

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How to learn VB Script, Since iam working with QTP. So i need to learn VB script.


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Suppose by navigation I went from 1 st page to 5 page ,so Write a generic script for coming from any page to the 1st page and by executing where the page may be it will come to 1st page


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Which is the default Data types in VBScript?

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give me an ex. of unoverloaded method?


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who you define variables and functions in VB?

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what is visual basic?

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How do you create a recordset object in VBScript?

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What is Querystring collection?


Explain the difference between POST and GET Method.

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Why do we use Option Explicit?

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How do you write an SQL insert statement?


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Write a Script for ATM in QTP


can anyone tell me the procedure of interview held in applabs


Write a function for Instr(). We need to write a function that works as same as Instr(). Code or Even pseudo code is good enough for me.?


Give me sm ideas to write Vbscripts abt protocol testing abilash700@gmail.com.


did any one attended interview in applabs if you had gone through plz tell me the procedure


How to make sure that items in a wintree are sorted al?


how to write a vb script in QTP for yahoo registration form, i want to check the performance also like performance test, stress, load test like that.


Hi Friends, I have an issue like the describe below: I'm using QTP and I'm testing on SharePoint. As you knoe, SharePoint has a customize function for user, so that, If I add an object Web Table at the first time, that object was recognized by "index" and "html tag", after that, if someone change the display of web part, the "Index" of my object was changed as well and QTP unable to select that Web Table. Can you guide me how to identify or anyway to keep that Web Table object as unique object? Thanks a lot.


hi all, i had a question, that how to find out hiding a coloumn in a table i had a table having the following column names NAME DESCRIPTION CREATED TIME CREATED USER if i right clicked on a NAME column it will displays a menu having the same column names in a list like NAME DESCRIPTION CREATED TIME CREATED USER with check boxes.if i unched any check box, that column name should not be appear in the main table column names could anyone please solve this problem?


what is used of Property........End Property loop ? how to write the script for it?


how to write validation function for date in vb script


1. How do declare public variable in vb scripts?


Program to use input box and send even numbers into sheet1 and odd numbers into sheet2 and prime numbers into sheet3 using vbscript(QTP)?


Hi, Can anyone please send me vb script examples to practice vb and also material to learn vb scripting in QTP? my email id : hareen_11@yahoo.com


how does vb script help in web page designing? explain with example.