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is retesting and regression same

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is retesting and regression same..

Answer / vinod

NO its not same


Re executing the same test case again and again is
retesting.(For example once the bug is fix from the
developer, after that for the varification purpose we need
to re execute the same test case know that is retesting.)

Regression testing:

Regression testing is nothing but once the bug is fixed we
need to test wheather the that fix can make anyother
problem elsewhere.

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is retesting and regression same..

Answer / rajeshwar rao

retesting means reexcuation of test with mulitipletest
data to valiadte this function is called retesting.

regression means in any application new functionalities can
be added so the application has to be test to see whether
added functionalities are affected to the exiciting
funcunalites or not

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is retesting and regression same..

Answer / edeprabhakar

no regression testing and retesting are different
Regression testing means testing the already functionality
in two different sinerios
1.when the test engineer finds the bug and post it to the
doveloper the doveloper rectifies them and send it to the
testing department, the test engineer once again test all
the module testing by him because if any modifications are
done by the doveloper and due to these changes whether his
application is effected or not
2.whenever any new changes are made by the doveloper the
test engineer once again test all the application tested by
him to confirm that his application is safe.

Retesting means testing the already tested functionality by
using different sets of values to rule out environmental

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is retesting and regression same..

Answer / sampathi kotla

retesting &regresion testing is not same.
retesting is testing the same build.
regresion testing is testing the modified build.

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