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conducting testing on the modified build is called
regression testing.

Reply / venkat

Regression Testing: The re execution of our test on
modified build to ensure bug fix work and occurrences of
side effects is called regression testing.

Reply / k.chandra sekhar

Regression testing is nothing but re execution of
the modified build is called the regression testing

That when all bug are solved then time do this test

Then that time developer or client had some changes
that changes based test is called the regression test

Reply / y.ravikiran varma

mainly two levels of regression testing is available .
1) regular regression
2) final regression

In regular regression every built is tested to verify
weather the fixed bugs have any bad impact on other parts
of the functionalities.It is done regularly during the
testing process evry after getting new built.

Final regression is done after the complition of fixing
all the bugs.It is advisible to have stable built during
Final regression testing.

Reply / ravi76xy

There are 3 types of Regression that need to be done.

Level 1 Regression- Done after initial Test cycle completes
Level 2 Regression- Done when all issues reported are fixed
Level3 Regression- Final Regression before delivering the Test

Testing Team should ensure complete concepts are traced and there
are no side effects of the fixes on the delivered product;

Reply / v.vengateshbabu

In our process there are two types of regression testing.
1.Initial level
2. final level

Reply / k.chandra sekhar

In regression testing is in that build what are the
before the defect it solved or not any new requirements are
add or not, if any changes or done this build this type of
test here done

Reply / ramprasad.s

Regression Testing is to check the Retested Bug should not
have Impact on other passed Test cases.

Reply / mythreyi

regression testing: here, we will check whether all bugs are
fixed or not by developers & any new bugs are raised by
fixing of new bugs.

Reply / pooja

while doing regression testing if we found the bug for the
first time the status will be NEW, or already existed bug
(the bug is in fixed state but still it is reproducing)
then the status will be "Re-Open"

Reply / sarfaraz ahmad

Regression is a process of testing the software that has
been modified to ensure that no defect has been introduced
by the modification and the software still able to meet its

Reply / satya_k21

Regression Testing:After getting confirmation the bug is
fixed we are going to check the fixation is going to create
any problems in the application or not...

Reply / nirmal anand

regression testing means testing an application after the
defect has been fixed inorder to know whether the defect
shows impact on the other subfeatures where the defect has
been found in a certain feature.

Reply / rajendra prasad reddy penumall

After the Bug fixed ,testing the application whether the
fixed bug is affecting remaining functionality of the
application or not.

Majorly in regression testing Bug fixed module and it's
connected modules are checked for their integrity after bug

Reply / satya_k21

Regression Testing:

After getting confirmation the bug is fixed we are
going to check the fixation is going to create any problems
in the application or not.