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what is mean by end to end testing?

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Can we have dependency between to bugs in test director? Like : Bug #10 is dependent on Bug #1

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To Review the test cases , to whom u'll send the document?

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How to send QTP test results to an email...(with out using Quality Center)?

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What is end-to-end testing when we will do that testing?

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1.What is end-to-end Testing 2.What ist the difference between WebBased Testing and Application Testing

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how build is send to testing team??

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You have to give me test cases for sending a mail through outlook express.

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How to Test IDispatch Descendants?


Hi! pl. suggest a good book for manual attend interviews in manual testing with 3+ yrs of experience

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I m beginner to testing.. plz send me manual testing material or tell me best site for testing where i can get from fundamentals...

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Any one can send the Test Plan Tempelate to this id


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can anyone please send me the sample testcases on how to write it into the testtemplates

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Hi Friends i am going to write BARC written test by this month 20th (20-5-2008). So please if any body knows the details about this or having previous question papers pls mail me to For Suggestions give one message to 9962122264



What is End-TO-End Testing?Explain in detail

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what is mutation testing, Difference between system and End to End testing,Give examples of bug having high priority but low severity except spelling mistakes and logo symbol.