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How do u perform regression testing?

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How do u perform regression testing?..

Answer / kunal

regression testing comes to picture, when any changes or
modification in existing build or application.In this
testing we test the new changes or new modification & check
that there is any changes in exist system due to changes.
for example when a raise a bug then he assign to respective
developer, then developer work in coding & release new
build to testing department.then tester test the new build,
and also check there is any impact on exist system due to
new changes.

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How do u perform regression testing?..

Answer / rahul

Regression testing is to test whether changed functinality
has not regressed,impacted anything in the existing

Approach for regression testing:

1. Carry out the impact analysis (Change and the impacted
areas around the change)

2. Select all the major test cases with the maximum
functional coverage. You may draw a traceability matrix to
identify the coverage.

3. Prepare a regression pack with the maximum test
coverage. 100% regression testing is ideally not possible.
Focus on the major functionality and impacted areas around
the change.

4. carry out the regression testing

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How do u perform regression testing?..

Answer / lakshmana rekha basu

Whenver there is a modification in existing functionality,
it has to be tested again which is called regression
for regression Testing we use
2 documents:
Design Document
Traceability metrics

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How do u perform regression testing?..

Answer / raji

Regression Testing means checking new or added
functionalities effect on the existing system components.
So that we can check changes are correct and it doesnt
adversely affect the existing system.

This can be done using Batch Test using Call statements.

Hope this is enough for your query.

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