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testing in a company establishes consistent and repetable
process for software development life cycle.
we test a product/service to develop the deffect free
product & to ensure that it is of better quality.

Reply / ravi

testing means to test the software wether the software
is working correctly or not according to the client

Reply / ravinder

finding the difference between customer expected values and
the values of the application released by devepment team.

finding the deviations of application with respect to
customer requirements

Reply / subbareddy

testing is a process in which defects are identify,isolated
subjected for rectify and ensure that the product is defect
free in order to produce a quality product in the end hence
the customer satisfaction

Reply / kalyani

Testing is a proces.It's used to identify the
correctness,completness and quality of software development
This kind of quality testing
1.Meet the customer requirements.
2.Meet the customer expectations/specifications.
3.Witn in budget.
4.Time to release.
5.Bug/defect free.

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testing is an process of acheiving quality,quality is in
the sense fitness in testing is the prosess
of eveluating and excersis the system by manually or
automated tools i.e it should satisfy the specified
requirement or by comparing the expected result with actual

Reply / jaisimha choudary

It is a process of executing the program with
intent of finding errors.

Reply / chinna

verification and validation of the software is called testing

Reply / klpraveen66

Testing is an execution of a program with an intention of
finding defects.

Reply / satya

Testing : To prove that the application we are going to
test is working with respect to the client requirements.

Reply / vaibhavzodge

Testing is, executing or operating software with intend of
confirm the function & find bugs,error which will come on
most possible scenarios.

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Testing is a process to finding the bugs and reporting the
bugs to developer for bug fixing to develop a quality

Reply / gopikrishna

Testing is nothing but process of executing the
product/software with the intent of finding bugs...

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Testing Is Called Testing

Reply / sudha

software testing
software testing means test the particular software
product.wheather the software work correctly or not.

adv of st:
easy to find bugs.
time save