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How to name a glycosidic bond?

How to name a glycosidic bond?..

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Based on the orientation and position of attached carbons.

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can you explain the mechanism of muta rotation?

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Some proteins profoundly alter the structure of DNA when they bind, bending it far out of its standard B configuration. Where do you think the energy comes from to distort the DNA?

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What happen to a denaturated enzyme regarding its functionality?

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Garnet is the ore of which element. Give its chemical formula.

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What is the main enzyme that participates in dna duplication process?

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why does separation not occurs in stacking gel in gel electrophorosis and why does separation done in separating gel?

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Which branch of science deals with the transformation of chemical energy into electrical energy and vice versa?

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what are lac operons?

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What is the structural formula of molybdenum blue?

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How do the two complementary nucleotide chains of the dna facilitate the replication process of the molecule?

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What is the molecular formula of phosphorous?

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Where is lactose mainly produced in mammals?

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