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Analysis in business objects?

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Analysis in business objects?..

Answer / srinivas

this is srinivas

In bo two types of multidimensional analysis supported
1. drill mode
2. slice and dice

drill : we can view the data different levels and angles
slice and dice: we can create and edit the reports
create master-detail reports
we can apply sort,rank etc....

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Analysis in business objects?..

Answer / mukesh

Anlysis in BO with the help we can Slide, Dice and Drill
the reports

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Analysis in business objects?..

Answer / subramanyam

Analysis are two types in bo.they are Drill Analysis and
Slice And dice.

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Analysis in business objects?..

Answer / mkjmkumar

Analysis in BO is Utility in BO with the help of that we
can manage our document..

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