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On what basis you will define accounting structure

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On what basis you will define accounting structure..

Answer / parvez mansuri

The accounting structure is defined considering different
The two major parameters are :
The level at which balance sheet is prepared.
The levels at which profitability has to be tracked - this
could be provisional as well as net.

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On what basis you will define accounting structure..

Answer / harsha

most importantly-managements need to acquire financial reports information) at different levels of business practices(at company level, at department level,at product level)

as far as my understanding there is no perfect answer for this,except saying that "it depends on managers need to obtain information to analyze the performance of major segments of the organizations business practice"

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On what basis you will define accounting structure..

Answer / harsha

Auto Accounting option will help user to pre-configure accounting combinations to be used in Receivables. so when ever user creates an a new transaction, the accounts are defaulted from auto accounting rules.

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