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Hi,iam new to automation and i have 1 year experience in
manual testing.I have a little bit idea about QTP9.0 .But i
have no idea about script writing using VB.Please help to
learn script writing.

Hi,iam new to automation and i have 1 year experience in manual testing.I have a little bit idea ab..

Answer / bishwajit.rk

First of all congrats on showing interest in QTP. One thing
I can suggest is; join a coaching class in evening after
office hour. I also did the same. One thing u can make sure
is that these coaching centers charge more if they know
that ur a working professional. Be careful!
One more thing is QTP use very limited VB Scripting part.
If u r interested in learning VB Scripting then learn that
first and applying to QTP will be very easier...

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