Hi This is tanya actually im facing problem in Qtp actully
some time QTP doesnot recoznise the recorded object due to
which script is going to fail.so can you tell me how we can
handle this situation and i have another concerened issue
is that at the time of run New errors comes every time so
how we can handle this sitauation how we can add Recovery
scenarios to the script.some time application runs
successfully and some time it produces new error thats why
i am facing lot of problem please give me the sugeestion as
soon as possible.

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Hi This is tanya actually im facing problem in Qtp actully some time QTP doesnot recoznise the rec..

Answer / shilpa reddy

go to object repository-->select add/remove objects-->show
ur unrecognised object with hand icon-->click ok.

now ur unrecognised object will be aded to object
repository,so ur script will run succesfully.coming to ur
second question,i will xplain u about recovery scenario(RS)
In this RS we have 4 types of trigger events.RS is concept
to handle the unexpected errors at run time,practically
these are:
1)application crash
2)pop up window
3)object state
4)test run error

RS for application crash handles,how to get recoverd from
application crash.
RS for pop up window deals the unexpected pop up windows at
RS for object state deals with the objects which are
changing dynamically,in one word to say it handles object
related errors.
RS for test run error is applicable when a step in the test
fails to run succesfully.

I will provide u the navigation for application crash
scenario.all other are same but differs in selecting
trigger events.instead of application crash u can choose
other trigger events:

tools-->recovery scenario manager-->click on new scenario
icon-->nnext-->select application crash as tigger event--
>next-->add or specify application-->next-->next-->select
recovery operation type-->next-->check/uncheck add another
recovery operation-->next-->next-->enter scenario name--
>next-->select add scenario in to current test-->finish--
>close-->save scenario-->run ur script.

if any error occurs in ur application qtp invokes the
corresponding scnario.

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Hi This is tanya actually im facing problem in Qtp actully some time QTP doesnot recoznise the rec..

Answer / mohammad

hi dude call me i will give my noyes that will clarfy ur
doubts call freely 09739391626

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