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what is dedicated earthing??????

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what is dedicated earthing??????..

Answer / thowsif

It is an Sperate Earthing Pit which is dedicated for UPS
Isolation Transformer Connection alone.

In UPS We are using an Delta-Star Isolation transformer,in
that transformer we will connect this Dedicated Eatrhing
Point to the Secondary Winding of the Isolation transformer
i.e Star Point of the Isolation Transformer,this serves as
a neutral point in the ups...

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what is dedicated earthing??????..

Answer / lakshmi t

This is a separate earth pit connection for Ups and Isolation transformers.dedicated earthing is used to avoid the zero signal(return signal from system) disturbance in live signal.

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what is dedicated earthing??????..

Answer / anil

Delta Transformer wil not solve the earthing problem

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