What is your weakness? more than five and explain?
how u overcome that?

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Answer / jaya

My weakness is :-
1.lack of self confidence.
according to me these are the main weakness in me which i
can remember & i will overcome by practicing to remove it.I
will read books & will practical in my approach.

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Answer / zakir hussain

My weakness are

01 . i am a Emotional person. - As i am very Emotional
person Related to my Family , i try the maximum best to
see that my work and family matters do not interfere.

02.i am a extrovert :- i dont get involved much into
making many freinds which would be a hurdle at my work
place .

03.self confidence :- At times they are situvation were in
iam not confident about my self , i take gudience from my
mentors to overcome this .

04.procastination : Theese days i am trying to plan things
well ahead of schedule so that i ahev enough time to make
up things eveb if i futher procastinate

05.Laziness :- i am lazy on my holidays wehen i am not at
work , recently i have been looking forward to make my
holidays more intresting by approvig new innovative ideas
which would help me in acquiring Fresh breath .
1.lack of self confidence.
according to me these are the main weakness in me which i
can remember & i will overcome by practicing to remove it.I
will read books & will practical in my approach.

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Answer / goutham

our weakness should be like positives for the company.
for eg: u went for a caal center job. there u say my
weakness are
1.i'm more talktive and i spend lots of time with
mobile.this answr indirectly reflects the company requirement.
2.i'l spend lots of time in the nights by chatting with my
frnds or playing vedio games etc..

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Answer / lambert

Hi everyone, my weakness is myself, i always feel all kinds
of negative emotions, sadness, jealousy, i am also weak and
felt helpless from time to time, i am also a runner from
problems and also felt timid to face complicated problems.
i am not being Emo here so please dun misunerstood this
messgae, it is possible to overcome weakness. i tried and
is becoming successful at it. My way is to change from
within, if u are sad, think of happy things:D if u are
jeslous of others having the new stuff or technology, be
content of what u have now as other at the other end of the
globe may be desperate for the life u currently have, if u
are weak in physical form, do practical stuff like training
or something. If u think you cant mix well, go be friendy
and just go randomly say hi. It will improve your chances
of getting good friends. if u never try, nothing will
happen! Do not let anyone to stop u, if u run away from
problems, well i haven figure that out but im thinking of
courage here, i am still trying to solve that. Maybe u can
drop me an e-mail to tell me how to solve it? i think the
weakness exist for a purpose here, it is to highlight our
strengths, knowing our weakness makes us stronger. counter
your weakness today, sad/happy, jealous/ be contempt,
weak/ strong

Thanks for reading, drop me an e-mail-->

I will be more than happy to get to know some friends:D

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Answer / sumit raju

Every body have some strength and weakness & me have too
but that weaknesses are not affective in concern of this

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Answer / mitch

i did not say it "weaknesses" because weakness means
vulnerability.. i do not consider myself vulnerable.. if
their is something i do not know i make sure to ask someone
who know it or how to do it...

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Answer / priya


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Answer / amanda

weaknesses is the one you can't control with.
for me, one of my weaknesses are food.. I always eat food
and cant control whenever I see food..Next is that I am a
person that really emotional.Sometimes I cant hide my
feelings whenever I am hurting.

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Answer / mark

for me its very important to know what is your weaknesses and what are those things that could help you overcome your weaknesses.

But most important is we all put this in our mind SUCCESS is not always success and FAILURE is not always failure......

Arrival Philippine Mountaineering Club
of Southern Mindanao

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Answer / swapnil

The first weakness is manually. b cause when i work
overtime that time i feel a weak.
The second weakness is sleeping more than normal duration
of sleeping . Such a time I take a little type of food or
light food.
The third weakness is miser person.b-cause I never give my
one rupee to beggers and to others.
The forth weakness is quick angry person.
The fifth and last weakness is over speaking with mobail.

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