what are wrapper classes?

what are wrapper classes?..

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.NET is an emerging, machine-independent platform from
Microsoft. It is similar in architecture to Amzi! Prolog
and .NET in that it has its own virtual machine called the
Common Language Runtime (CLR). The primary interface for
the CLR is a managed wrapper class for amzi.dll, which is
described here. As .NET continues to evolve, our interface
(s) will meet Amzi!'s customer's needs. Please tell use
about your needs by e-mailing us at www.amzi.com.

The .NET Class encapsulates the Amzi! Logic Server for use
by .NET applications and applets. It includes:
A .NET Class Package the encapsulates a Logic Server Engine
Methods that correspond to the Logic Server API Functions
Use of .NET's exception handling for API errors, and
.NET-like method interfaces.

In addition, you can extend the .NET Class to allow Prolog
to call methods in your .NET code.

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