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What is the use of a COPYBOOK in Fileaid ?

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What is the use of a COPYBOOK in Fileaid ? ..

Answer / lalitha

without copybook we can't check the value of perticular

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What is the use of a COPYBOOK in Fileaid ? ..

Answer / kumar

a copybook is needed to open a file in readable format.
Otherwise its difficult to read a file

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What is the use of a COPYBOOK in Fileaid ? ..

Answer / poonam

use of a COPYBOOK is instead of defining variables in data
division working storage section, we writing into a
copybook means in a seperate file which will be in Libray
and open that filename in our prog and directly use

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What is the use of a COPYBOOK in Fileaid ? ..

Answer / mdvasanth86

If you open a file and view data in it, you might not
understand what it is or what it signifies??

Can you tell me what this means

madan 5000 52

If you give the copy book also as the input, you will get
something like below as output.

Name Total Wickets
madan 5000 52

This makes more sense, ain't it?

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