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why mba after engineering? why change field

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why mba after engineering? why change field..

Answer / santrupta

If I am ever in a position to move up in the company, I
need to know how to plan, as well as how to handle finances
and people. Even if I decide to remain a working engineer,
much engineering work is now accomplished by teams, and
learning how to work as part of a team, as well as
understanding the functions of others both on and outside
the team, can be gained in an MBA program. It makes me a
more flexible, sensitive, employee and, of course, provides
me the means to one day become an employer.

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why mba after engineering? why change field..

Answer / aphron

Firstly I would not call it as a change in a field. Even IT companies require HR's. Any HR before handling his job has to be thorough with whatever field he is working in. If I get into a IT company then I will be in a better position to gain the expertise in the field. I believe i have all the qualities which a HR requires such as Communication skills,Interact easily with people,Logical way of solving problems and an eye for spotting talent.

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