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what will i say if they ask me.why don't you study in your
home county instead of the US.

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hi iam vishal i passed out my B-tech in 2008. i have 57.4% with 8 back logs. and i have cleared my last backlog after my B-tech. how can i answer this question can any one give me some good tip plz

1 Answers  

hi iam saikiran my betch percentage is 56% of 24 backlogs og gre 860 ,ielts 5.5 ,i will get visa or not please give me some suggestions

3 Answers   Infosys,

I will get USA visa(f1 visa), if i apply for animation study in New York Film Academy for one year or diploma course. How much chance to get visa?

0 Answers  

hi guys. This is viswa on 18th i had face the f1b visa interview.but got rejected.I have one doubt i.e i had toefl score and I-20 and all documents even though result was negative.can u plz clear it for me gre is necessary ot for f1b visa.

1 Answers   US Consulate,

my gre score is 1020(710,310) and toefl is 69,and engg agg 72% with no backlogs...can i get the visa

5 Answers  

HI, am gonna face my interview on 21 jan before i was rejected 2 time then i went to singapore i finish ma diploma and now apply for degree in usa so should i get visa

0 Answers  

hi i'm from iran, i study control engineering, i want to study in other country, what i have to do?? please answer

1 Answers   IBM,

Hi, I ma kapila,my GRE Score is 910 & TOEFL Score is Intervies date was 10 Dec'10. i rejected bacause i can't understand one queston & can't give answer properly at that time.should i will take another date on this month? & if visa officer will ask me reason for rejected than what should I'll give answer??? Plz reply me.....

1 Answers  

i got 5 bands in ielts if a visa interviewer asked me why got 5 bands then what will be my answer

0 Answers  

Would any body suggest me, which University is best for Master studies in Computer Science, as I've low ToEFL iBT score like 62/120 please quote URL as well.

0 Answers  

why you not study in your country? why go for only USA?

5 Answers   US Consulate,

why do you wish to study in u s a and not cameroon

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