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Why Usa?

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Why Usa?..

Answer /

The United State Is a Nice Country as well as their education system are great for higher Degree.and top most college availabe same my course.Then i will Go to Usa.

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Why Usa?..

Answer / patel.riddhu

I wish to study bachalors in business administration and management in usa.

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2 Answers  

HI iam from delhi . my VISA rejected Twice . i applied SSU california . I have done MCA & 3 year Exp wid IT MNC. now i want go for MBA. Got my I-20. 1st time due to some SEVIS issue but VO said u will not come back thats why i cant issue visa. Iam showing 3 crore 88 lac rupees in my CA statement . 2nd time VO said u have enough Qualification so u dont need MBA ... my frnd already got Visa in same university. plezzzz soem 1 help me ... Its my Dream & every thing . I will book for 3rd time . what i do now .. Plezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz HELPPPPPPPPPPP

0 Answers   US Consulate,

what is your back ground in undergraduation?

3 Answers  

I have been to South Africa(SA) on a holiday and i missed placed my passport in SA and after that i came back to india with a Transit visa. Now i applied for a new passport and my passport carries a stamp stating that my passport was lost in SA. So my question is that does the VO ask anything about this issue and what would be answer??

1 Answers  

I will get USA visa(f1 visa), if i apply for animation study in New York Film Academy for one year or diploma course. How much chance to get visa?

0 Answers  

I got f1 visa rejected in dec'10, at t5hat time i did not mentioned my immediate uncles's name in Ds160 form who lives in US and has a citizenship.Now i am applying 2nd time. Do i have to mention his name although in first interview i told visa officer i do not have immediate relative in US? Is this the reason of my rejection? I am confused!!! please answer!!!!

1 Answers   PPL, US Consulate,

why i came back from usa to india

0 Answers  

how much chance i have, if iam not submitting the TOEFL score?

2 Answers  

I have been applied for student visa. I am marroed. This status makes any problem during my interview.My spouse is in US.

0 Answers  

why this university?

0 Answers   Teaching, Visa,

Dear, One of my friend is applying for F1 visa, but her Gmat score is very low. Will it affect in getting her visa in visa interview? Kindly suggest Thanks and Regards Suba

1 Answers   Syntel,

Hey i had 9 backlogs and im gng to us embassy wat is the best reason to give for having 9 backlogs...............plz post best reasons so that i can get visa

0 Answers   Zubair,

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