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Hi, I have just 1 year 10 months of exp. in Software field
as developer and on Nov 5th my case status changed to
"Approval notice sent".
Now, I have 3 doubts. Please clarify.

1. When can i schedule for H1 interview ?

2. Is there any condition that I have to attend interview
with in 1 month?

3. As i have 1yr 10months Exp., wat are my chances of
getting H1B stamped ?

Please help me.
Thank you.

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Hi, I have just 1 year 10 months of exp. in Software field as developer and on Nov 5th my case stat..

Answer / nabs

1. U can schedule for an interview now. You are eligible to
work in the USA from Oct 1st 2008 (if its from 2008 quota)
2. No such condition. U can attend the interview as long as
the petition is valid.
3. Even a fresher can go on H1 visa. You have to prove that
you have the skills what the project demands (do not say
anything on this unless asked to u)

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Hi, I have just 1 year 10 months of exp. in Software field as developer and on Nov 5th my case stat..

Answer / roshan

u can get h1 interew yes u can take date of interew with in
one month u are selected 65000 quato there are lot of chance
for stampping

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