Can anyone tell me where i can Download free full version
of test director

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what would be purpose of Dashboard on Quality center? please provide me the advantage of dashboard? thanks in advanceā€¦.

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What is deference between Action and Test? with Examples?

1 Answers   Satyam,

how to map requirements with testcases in testdirector?

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What are the drawbacks of TD??

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what iz d difference between TD an QC??....... :)

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How we do the smoke testing?

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Which tool is best to do Regression Testing?

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What is the latest version in TD?

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What is the Change management ?

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What r the mandatory fields in TD?

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How to send autogenerated mails to concerned 1 when a new defect is logged ? 2 when defect status cahnged e.g from open to closed?

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what are the type of testing and methodologies

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