what are advantages & disadvantages of science?

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what are advantages & disadvantages of science?..

Answer / shriyansh

* You get to know more about the world around you.
* More species would be discovered.
* More scientists on the planet Earth.
* More subjects for you to study in school.
* More technology for our convenience.

* Scientists die in labs because of accidents.
* Too many species to keep track of.
* Animals disturbed from habitats.
* Plant species taken from environment.
* Rare species threatened.

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what are advantages & disadvantages of science?..

Answer / shreya

science is a tool with which we r workin. but the misuse
of the tool creates many disadvantages. the whole world is
balanced by the hands of science at the same time science
is the main factor which is now leadin to terrific problems.

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what are advantages & disadvantages of science?..

Answer / akriti ranjan

Science is the research and interpretation of occurence in
the universe.The term science an be thought of as an
experimental procedure.

1. It serves as a source of amusement.
2. It gives us global information.
3. It makes our lives easy and luxorious.
4. It helps in the preparation of Drugs and medicines.
5. It also helps Police to investigate several cases.

1.It pollutes the environment.
2.It is one of the cause of overpopulation.
3.The trees r cut bcoz of various scientific purposes.
4.It makes us lazy
5.It creates terror as it helps in preparation of dreadful

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what are advantages & disadvantages of science?..

Answer / mansu

It helps doctors in doing the operations.
It also helps in doing our projects.
the disadvantages are
It makes us lazy.
It helps in making bombs for wars.

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what are advantages & disadvantages of science?..

Answer / trishan

it tell us more about nature,space,...
it give us information.

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what are advantages & disadvantages of science?..

Answer / nalinidevi

science is the term which is used to create a new tool and
its dangerous one to abolish the particular tool when its
not comfortable with us.

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what are advantages & disadvantages of science?..

Answer / loki

- disturbs balance in nature
-global warming
science is a good master but a bad servant

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what are advantages & disadvantages of science?..

Answer / m.bharani divya


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what are advantages & disadvantages of science?..

Answer / kavanaks

the proper use - advantage
inproperuse - disadvantage
it is in our hand to save that.

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what are advantages & disadvantages of science?..

Answer / hassan ali

We totally depend on science , but when it fails we are helpless......

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