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Old-written material, which cannot be read easily, can be
read by

1 Cosmic rays

2 Ultraviolet rays

3 Infra red rays

4 None of these

Old-written material, which cannot be read easily, can be read by 1 Cosmic rays 2 Ultraviolet..

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(3) Infra red rays

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'which country has 6 months night and 6 months day'

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Graphite and sillimanite are 1 Refractory minerals 2 Ferrous minerals 3 Base minerals 4 None of these

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there are 3 sources of resistance in a parallel circuit's. 2 of them are rated at 20 ohms, the other at 10 ohms. what is the circuit's total resistance?

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Which of the following gases is used as an illuminant in lamps used by hawkers? 1 Methane 2 Ethylene 3 Acetylene 4 Hydgrogen

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The element found on the surface of the moon is 1 Tin 2 Tungsten 3 Tantalum 4 Titanium

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atoms are composed of Electrons & Protons or Electrons & Protons ?

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how is electricity converted from the potential energy of water falling from dams?

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exactly how does an RTD 3 wire or 4 wire device cancel out the resistance of the wires , opposed to a 2 wire RTD? Is it because you have resistors in parallel , or because something to do with the electronic circuit the RTD is connected to ?

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how the Adams bridge was formed?

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what are advantages of excess populatoin?

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Papepr is manufactured by 1 Wod and resin 2 Wood, sodium and bleaching powder 3 Wood and bleaching powder 4 Wood, calcium, hydrogen sulphite and resin

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why is ohms law not followed in long transmisson lines

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