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what is an sid (surrogate key)?

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what is an sid (surrogate key)?..

Answer / arkchowdary

Surrogate Key----------------- It is a System Generated Key
they are not derived from any Data Sources.

Surrogate Key----------------- It is a Unique Identifier.

Surrogate Key----------------- It is used to identify each
Row of a table uniqely.

Surrogate Key---------------- It also helps to track Slowly
Changing Dimensions.

Surrogate Key---------------- It replaces all Natural Keys.

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what is an sid (surrogate key)?..

Answer / madho

it's a duplicate key for primary key or unique key

when we need to maintain historical data instead of primary
key and unique key we use surrogate key...

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what is an sid (surrogate key)?..

Answer / bhaskar.nagi

It is a System Generated Key. It is act as a Primary Key.

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what is an sid (surrogate key)?..

Answer / zams

Surrogate key is artificial key

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