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explain virtual object? in detailed? pls any one explain me?

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explain virtual object? in detailed? pls any one explain me?..

Answer / br

your application may contain objects that behave like standard object but are not recognized by QTP. You can define these objects as Virtual objects and map them to standard classes such as button or a check box. QTP emulates the user's action on the virtual object during run session.

Eg: Suppose you want to record on a web page containing a bitmap that the user clicks. The Bitmap contains several different hyperlink areas and each area opens a different destination page. When you record a test, the web site matches the coordinates of the click on the bitmap and opens the destination page.
When you run a test, QTP clicks the bitmap in the area defined as a virtual object so that the web site opens the correct destination page.

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explain virtual object? in detailed? pls any one explain me?..

Answer / saha

When ever qtp is not identified the objects using Mandatory,
assistive, so it will try to identiy the objects. wich are
non-standards it will convert to standard objects and it
will identiry at recording here it will use to
identify that by co-ordinations

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explain virtual object? in detailed? pls any one explain me?..

Answer / prashanth

If QTP Could not identify the objects, then those objects are called "Non Standard Objects" or "Virtual Objects"
These virtual objects behave like a standard object but not identified by QTP.
We can map a virtual object to a standard object by using "Virtual Object Wizard" (Tools-->Virtual Object-->New Virtual Objects...)

Restrictions on virtual objects
1. A virtual object should not overlap with another virtual object.
2. QTP does not support virtual objects for analog and low level recordings.
3. The application window should be of same size and in same position when we record and run the tests as it was when we define a virtual object.
4. We cannot insert any type of checkpoints on virtual objects.
5. We can define virtual objects only for the objects on which we can "Click" or "Double Click" and which record "Click" and "Dblclick", otherwise virtual object is ignored.

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explain virtual object? in detailed? pls any one explain me?..

Answer / saha

When ever qtp is not identified the non standard objects ,
so Virtual Object will try to identify the objects using the
co-ordinations it will convert non-standards into standard

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