Plz provide me sample paper for OPEN MAT Ignou which held
on 17th august?

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Two trains at speed 60 km/hr comes in the opposite direction. At a particular time the distance between the two trains is 18km. A shuttle flies between the trains at the speed of 80 km/hr. At the time the two trains crashes what is the distance traveled by shuttle?

8 Answers   Godrej, CTS,

in a class, 20 opted for physics,17for maths,5for both and 10 for other subjects.the class contains how many students ?

9 Answers   Cognizant,

An elephant cost Rs 6, A Horse cost Rs3, and goat cost Rs 10 paise.. i have 100 rupees with me... how many animals should i buy from each category so that i get 100 animals exactly form 100 rupees

3 Answers  

If 12 file cabinets require 18 feet of wall space, how many feet of wall space will 30 cabinets require?

3 Answers   TCS,

My name is deepshikha .if any one have quentiles apptitude question paper please mail me on

0 Answers   Amazon, Polaris,

In Asia which country is the landlocked country? 1. Malaysia 2. Singapore 3. South east asia 4. Russia

3 Answers   RRB,

1,2,10,37,- find the blank number

5 Answers  

i want to know the aptitude qs of hsbc bank

0 Answers   HSBC, Bank Of America,

what is the max no of points of intersection of two circles of unequal radii

7 Answers   Verifone, AAI Airports Authority Of India, TANCET,

what is your weakness?

12 Answers   Chetana Institute Of Management,

a farmer has a rectangular plot.he wants to do fencing along one of the side wiyh the help of the posts.two posts being on two corners.he brings 5 post less than what he has initially plan because of which the distance between two consecutive post became 8m instead of 6m.what is the length of the side and number of post

1 Answers   TCS,

What kind of salary of State Bank Of India Employee add total?

0 Answers