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difference between <connectionstring> <Appsetting>

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difference between <connectionstring> <Appsetting>..

Answer / prabhat saxena(manu)

there are three way to stablished the connection in
web.config file
1- <appsetting>
you can create own type of tag and register this tag with
machine.comfig files,

there is no more difference to stablish the connection with
any tag,
mostly developer prefer <AppSettion> beause it provieds
some extra properties,but no diff. of the performance,
u can use anyone,

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difference between <connectionstring> <Appsetting>..

Answer / priya

The <appSettings> element of a web.config file is a place
to store connection strings, server names, file paths, and
other miscellaneous settings needed by an application to
perform work

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difference between <connectionstring> <Appsetting>..

Answer / sivaram

Well inside the appsettings is where you put all properties
that have to do with the entire web application you are
building. Connection strings can be placed inside the
appsettings to make it easy to connect each page from your
site to a database. Instead of defining a connection string
on each page, you write it once it the web.config and can
reference it from all other pages.

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difference between <connectionstring> <Appsetting>..

Answer / ved

The syntax differences between the application settings and
connection strings sections

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difference between <connectionstring> <Appsetting>..

Answer / sandeep

Simply connection string is saved in web con fig file
in between <Appsetting> tags

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difference between <connectionstring> <Appsetting>..

Answer / jerry joseph

<Appsetting> in Web.Config can be used to store Settings
which are applicable for the whole Application

<connectionstring> is a node within <Appsetting> in the
it can be used to store the Connection String

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