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waht is the difference b/w test caes and test data?

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waht is the difference b/w test caes and test data?..

Answer / rajvelur

Test Data: collection of test input values that are
consumed during the execution of a test, and expected
results referenced for comparative purposes. Test data may
be any kind of input to application, any kind of file that
is loaded by the application or entries read from the
database tables. It may be in any format like xml test data,
system test data, SQL test data or stress test data.

Test Case : A set of test inputs, execution conditions, and
expected results developed for a particular objective, such
as to exercise a particular program ...
Test cases is a sequence of steps to test the correct
behavior of a functionality/feature of an application

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waht is the difference b/w test caes and test data?..

Answer / vijay

Test case: A set of Inputs,processiong and out put.

Test case contains the checking the actual results withe
expected results.

Test data:test data is the data which we need to give as
inout for processing.

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